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JuLY 2017

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Among the Living and the Dead: A Tale of Exile and Homecoming on the War Roads of Europe by Inara Verzemnieks
Among the Living and the Dead
Journeying back to the remote Latvian village where her family broke apart, the author comes to know her grandmother's sister, Ausma, and the trauma of her exile to Siberia under Stalin, while reconstructing her grandmother Livija’s survival through her years as a refugee.

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Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tamara Shopsin
Arbitrary Stupid Goal
An offbeat memoir by the New Yorker illustrator and cook from New York City's Shopsin's eatery profiles the tight-knit, pre-fashion Greenwich Village of her bohemian 1970s childhood and her relationship with her big-hearted, tall-tale-telling father.

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Ava Gardner: A Life in Movies by Kendra Bean & Anthony Uzarowski
Ava Gardner
A richly photographed celebration of the life and achievements of the iconic Hollywood star offers authoritative discussions of such topics as the creation and maintenance of her glamorous image, her marriages and her celebrity friendships. Co-written by the author of Vivian Lee: An Intimate Portrait.

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A Beautiful, Terrible Thing: A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal by Jen Waite
A Beautiful, Terrible Thing
The author chronicles how she came to realize that her seemingly loving husband—the father of her infant daughter, her best friend, the love of her life—fits the textbook definition of a psychopath.

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Chester B. Himes by Lawrence P. Jackson
Chester B. Himes
An account of the improbable life of the controversial writer explores Himes' middle-class origins, imprisonment, creative experiences during World War II and eventual escape to Europe, where he became famous for his Harlem detective series and its themes of sexuality, racism and social injustice.

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Coming of Age: The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Mead by Deborah Beatriz Blum
Coming of Age
The startling coming-of-age story of the famed anthropologist shares insights into how her radical ideas challenged the social and sexual norms of her time, from keeping her maiden name after marriage to pursuing bisexual affairs, before her famed studies in the South Pacific and a chance encounter changed her life forever. By the author of Bad Karma.

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Defiance: The Extraordinary Life of Lady Anne Barnard by Stephen Taylor
Having been given access to the private papers of Lady Anne Barnard, including six volumes of unpublished memoirs, the author chronicles the amazing life of this 18th and 19th century poet and painter, who lived on her own terms and defied the conventions of her day.

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Estranged: Leaving Family and Finding Home by Jessica Berger Gross
A hardcover release of the author's best-selling ebook traces her abuse-marked childhood and how her adult decision to separate herself from her family of origin redefined her understandings of estrangement, survival and healing.

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The Great Nadar: The Man Behind the Camera by Adam Begley
The Great Nadar
A portrait of the fabled Parisian photographer, adventurer and pioneer discusses his bohemian youth, larger-than-life studio, pioneering exploits as a balloonist and photography sessions with such famed subjects as Victor Hugo, Gustave Courbet and Alexandre Dumas. By the author of Updike.

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Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay
The popular Tumblr blogger and best-selling author of Bad Feminist explores the devastating act of violence that triggered her personal challenges with food and body image, sharing advice for caring for oneself and eating in healthful and satisfying ways.

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In the Days of Rain: A Daughter, a Father, a Cult by Rebecca Stott
In the Days of Rain
The author of the best-selling Ghostwalk describes her childhood in a mid-20th-century cult and her struggles to understand her late father's high-ranking position as a cult minister, describing the restrictions, contradictions and choices that led to numerous tragedies and her father's imprisonment.

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The Incest Diary by Anonymous
The Incest Diary
A harrowing memoir by a woman who, beneath a veneer of a normal childhood, was sexually assaulted by her father explores how incest has formed her psychological conditioning, impacted her sexuality and continues to complicate her adult perspectives and relationships.

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Jane Austen at Home: A Biography by Lucy Worsley
Jane Austen at Home
A profile of the life and times of Jane Austen by the best-selling author of Courtiers tours the classic author's childhood home, schools, holiday accommodations and grand and small family estates to reveal lesser-known aspects of Austen's character and inspirations.

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A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age by Jimmy Soni & Rob Goodman
A Mind at Play
Chronicles the life and times of the lesser-known Information Age intellect, revealing how his discoveries and innovations set the stage for the digital era, influencing the work of such collaborators and rivals as Alan Turing, John von Neumann and Vannevar Bush.

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The Netanyahu Years by Ben Caspit. Trans by Ora Cummings.
The Netanyahu Years
A portrait of the four-term Israeli prime minister examines his policies, political struggles and fight against the Iranian nuclear program, sharing additional insights into his precarious relationship with America, its Jewish population and its business magnates.

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Poetry Will Save Your Life: A Memoir by Jill Bialosky
Poetry Will Save Your Life
The critically acclaimed author of The Prize presents a coming-of-age memoir organized around poems by such classic writers as Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, pairing each poem with key events that shaped her life, from the first time she fell in love and her sister's suicide to September 11 and the birth of a child.

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Putin: His Downfall and Russia's Coming Crash by Richard Lourie
The author of The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin and Sakharov: A Biography makes sobering predictions about a collapse of Vladimir Putin's Russia, investigating potential vulnerabilities in the Trump administration that may be providing Russia with dangerous opportunities.

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Queen of Bebop: The Musical Lives of Sarah Vaughan by Elaine M. Hayes
Queen of Bebop
An account of the life of the influential jazz artist and civil rights advocate shares additional insights into her lesser-known contributions as an African-American woman, drawing on inside sources to discuss her creative process and challenge misperceptions about her character.

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Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship by Michelle Kuo
Reading with Patrick
A former alternative school teacher and Harvard Law School fellow shares the story of her work with a gifted student who was imprisoned for murder in the Mississippi Delta and whose education she continued through classic works of literature.

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Reckless Years: A Diary of Love and Madness by Heather Chaplin
Reckless Years
The New York journalist and co-author of Smartbomb reveals how, after summoning the courage to end a dissatisfying 10-year marriage, she embarked on an intoxicating journey of adventure and romance in multiple cities before her irresponsible choices triggered a downward spiral and a reckoning she had avoided all her life.

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Revenge of the Nerd: Or... the Singular Adventures of the Man Who Would Be Booger by Curtis Johnathan Armstrong
Revenge of the Nerd
An account of the comedy veteran's unlikely journey from mid-20th-century misfit to successful actor explores how typecasting cemented his career, exploring his achievements in such productions as Risky Business, Revenge of the Nerds and New Girl.

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Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition by Pia de Jong
Saving Charlotte
A best-selling author chronicles her newborn daughter’s battle with leukemia and the startling decision that led to her recovery.

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Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte by Ric & Charlotte Flair with Brian Shields
Second Nature
A dual portrait by the WWE Superstar Champion and his rising-star daughter traces his struggles with private setbacks, public controversy and family tragedy, as well as her efforts to establish an independent career outside the shadow of her famous father.

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Stay Interesting: I Don't Always Tell Stories About My Life, but When I Do They're True and Amazing by Jonathan Goldsmith
Stay Interesting
The memoirs of the actor who played "The Most Interesting Man in the World" in the popular Dos Equis television ads include reminiscences about getting shot by John Wayne, drinking with Tennessee Williams, sailing with Fernando Lamas and romancing beautiful women.

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Sting-Ray Afternoons: A Memoir by Steve Rushin
Sting-Ray Afternoons
A bittersweet memoir of the author's 1970s childhood nostalgically tours the era's products, history and cultural rebirth, sharing laugh-out-loud observations of his family life as it was shaped by influences ranging from the Steve Miller Band and Saturday morning cartoons to Bic pens and Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes.

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A Stone of Hope: A Memoir by Jim St. Germain with Jon Sternfeld
A Stone of Hope
The co-founder of the Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow nonprofit for at-risk youth shares the story of his experiences as an impoverished alcoholic's son who participated in illegal gang activities before a rehabilitation program saved his life and gave him purpose.

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Street Warrior: The True Story of the NYPD's Most Decorated Detective and the Era that Created Him by Ralph Friedman with Patrick W. Picciarelli
Street Warrior
A memoir by the NYPD's most decorated police detective explores the career achievements that made him a precinct legend, offering insights into how the city and its police work have changed throughout the past half century.

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General Nonfiction

Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups — Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000 by Jason Calacanis
A successful Silicon Valley investor counsels potential business angels on how to create wealth by investing in startups, outlining step-by-step instructions for establishing priorities, evaluating ventures and calculating risks for significant profits.

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Confessions of a Cartel Hit Man by Martin Corona. Foreword by Steve Duncan.
Confessions of a Cartel Hit Man
The memoirs of a drug cartel assassin recount how and why he fell into the outlaw life at an early age, performing murders for the founders of an operation that dominated the southern California drug trade for decades before he assisted a large-scale DEA operation to apprehend his bosses.

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The Darkening Web: The War for Cyberspace by Alexander Klimburg
The Darkening Web
A cybersecurity expert's revelatory examination of the 21st-century international rivalry to dominate cyberspace explores how the internet has become a tool of warfare and exploitation, sharing cautionary insights into how global powers are creating and disseminating distorted versions of reality to advance national interests.

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Draw Your Weapons by Sarah Sentilles
Draw Your Weapons
Explores the lives of a conscientious objector during World War II and a young soldier who was stationed at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, both of whom create art as a response to war, in an exploration of the way art impacts us and how it can be a non-violent source of healing, redemption and self-expression.

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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight: A Young Man's Voice from the Silence of Autism by Naoki Higashida. Trans by Ka Yoshida & David Mitchell.
Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight
A follow-up to The Reason I Jump shares the author's experiences as a young adult with severe autism, exploring in short, evocative chapters his observations on education, identity, family life, society and personal growth while sharing insights into the unique mental steps that are required for him to register his environments.

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I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella
I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool
A lighthearted collection of stories by the award-winning mother-and-daughter team features warm and witty memoir tales for women, in an entry in the top-reviewed series that includes, I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places.

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Once Upon a Time in Shaolin: The Untold Story of Wu-Tang Clan's Million-Dollar Secret Album, the Devaluation of Music, and America's New Public Enemy No. 1 by Cyrus Bozorgmehr
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin
Traces the dramatic story of how the Wu-Tang Clan secretly recorded a single-copy album before auctioning it for millions to one of the most hated men in America, detailing the near-impossible challenges they overcame to prevent leaks using strategies that reflect present-day views on creative property and music devaluation.

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Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts by Ryan Holiday
Perennial Seller
The marketing strategist behind the best-selling Trust Me, I'm Lying reveals to creative professionals how a classic is made and marketed, explaining how shortsighted sink-or-swim attitudes have littered the media landscape with fads and how long-term successes were deliberately built with a foundational set of innovative principles.

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The Secret History of Jane Eyre: How Charlotte Brontë Wrote Her Masterpiece by John Pfordresher
The Secret History of Jane Eyre
The lesser-known story behind Charlotte Brontë's beloved classic examines how and why she emphatically concealed her authorship from even her closest friends to hide difficult parallels in her own life, including an invalid father, a dissolute sibling and her passion for a married man.

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So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley by Roger Steffens. Intro by Linton Kwesi Johnson.
So Much Things to Say
An author who traveled with the Wailers, interviewed Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer extensively and took iconic Bob Marley photos—drawing on 40 years of intimate interviews with band members, family, lovers and confidants, many speaking publicly for the first time—crafts a riveting oral history depicting the reggae icon's life through vivid scenes.

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Strays: A Lost Cat, a Drifter, and Their Journey Across America by Britt Collins. Foreword by J. Moussaieff Masson.
Presents the uplifting story of how homeless alcoholic Michael King rescued an injured stray cat who, on shared migrations through the American West, inspired him to reach out for help, achieve sobriety and come to terms with painful losses.

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Steven Universe: Art & Origins by Chris McDonnell. Created & illus by Rebecca Sugar, et al.
Steven Universe
An official behind-the-scenes companion to the Cartoon Network animated series combines early sketches, concept art, storyboards and exclusive commentary with a meticulous chronicle of the show and the creative's team's process.

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The Strength Switch: How The New Science of Strength-based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Your Teen to Flourish by Lea Waters
The Strength Switch
Explains how making small shifts in one's parenting style can yield big results by uncovering a child’s strengths, rather than focusing on his or her weaknesses. Includes diagrams.

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Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win by Rachel Ignotofsky
Women in Sports
Illustrated profiles of 50 pioneering female athletes highlights their stories and achievements in more than 40 sports while exploring the challenges they overcame, in a volume that includes entries for such notables as Billie Jean King and Simone Biles. By the best-selling author of Women in Science.

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The World Broke in Two: Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster and the Year That Changed Literature by Bill Goldstein
The World Broke in Two
A revelatory portrait of the intersecting lives and works of literary masters Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster and D. H. Lawrence in the year that marked the beginning of modernism describes how they struggled with creative blocks in a transforming literary community.

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Castle of the Eagles: Escape from Mussolini's Colditz by Mark Felton
Castle of the Eagles
Documents the story of two dozen British prisoners who used tunnels to break out of a highly fortified Italian castle-turned-prison during World War II, detailing the measures they employed to dig a tunnel, forge identity papers, craft civilian clothes and construct dummies to secure their daring escape. By the author of Zero Night.

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The Curse of Oak Island by Randall Sullivan
The Curse of Oak Island
An investigation into the "Money Pit" curse explores how rumors of buried treasure on Nova Scotia's Oak Island have beguiled or ruined hunters throughout the past two centuries, including a young FDR and film star Errol Flynn. By the contributing editor to Rolling Stone and author of The Miracle Detective.

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Edward VII: The Prince of Wales and the Women He Loved by Catharine Arnold
Edward VII
A colorful portrait of the playboy monarch and son of Queen Victoria describes his scandalous liaisons with a series of high-profile women, offering insight into how he helped transform the British monarchy into an enduring modern institution.

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Empire Made: My Search for an Outlaw Uncle Who Vanished in British India by Kief Hillsbery
Empire Made
The author of War Boy describes his search through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal to discover of the fate of his distant uncle, a 19th-century English clerk who abruptly left his job with the East India Company to pursue a secret life that reflected the hidden gay history of the Middle East.

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Hannibal by Patrick N. Hunt
A portrait of the ancient-world commander includes discussions of his childhood under a master strategist father, his leadership during the Second Punic War and his famed cross of the Alps with his army and war elephants in an epic battle against Rome.

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Navy SEALs: The Combat History of the Deadliest Warriors on the Planet by Don Mann & Lance Burton
Navy SEALs
A former Navy SEAL who was twice captured and a former FBI counter-terrorism agent present an inside look at the world of elite SEAL teams, tracing the program's origins in World War II through its evolution into a dynamic fighting force that has made pivotal contributions to major military conflicts.

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Sons and Soldiers: The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the U.S. Army to Fight Hitler by Bruce Henderson
Sons and Soldiers
Drawing on veteran interviews and archival research, an account of the lesser-known contributions of the German-born Jewish-American soldiers known as the Ritchie Boys describes how they risked their lives to join major combat units and gather crucial intelligence from German POWs.

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The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II by Svetlana Alexievich. Trans by Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky
The Unwomanly Face of War
The Nobel Prize-winning author of Voices from Chernobyl offers a collection of deeply personal stories that share the World War II perspectives of women from the front lines, at home and in occupied territories.

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Political Science

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left by Dinesh D'Souza
The Big Lie
The author of three #1 New York Times best-sellers argues that American progressivism has its roots in Nazism.

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How Liberty Can Change the World by Gary E. Johnson
No Cover
The former Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party presidential nominee predicts an imminent collapse of America's two-party system, explaining why Libertarianism is rapidly becoming a center of the nation's politics.

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Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism by Mark R. Levin
Rediscovering Americanism
The conservative talk-radio host and president of the Landmark Legal foundation shares a new collection of critical insights and political recommendations in the vein of such best-selling books as Ameritopia and The Liberty Amendments.

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The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics by David Goodhart
The Road to Somewhere
The founding editor of Prospect, a political magazine, and author of The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-War Immigration investigates the political and moral fault-lines that divide Brexit Britain and Trump's America—and how a new settlement may be achieved.

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Caesar's Last Breath: Decoding the Secrets of the Air Around Us by Sam Kean
Caesar's Last Breath
An engaging round-the-globe journey through the periodic table explains how the air we breathe reflects the world's history, tracing the origins and ingredients of the atmosphere to explain air's role in reshaping continents, steering human progress and powering revolutions.

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Why?: What Makes Us Curious by Mario Livio
An internationally respected astrophysicist explores the science behind curiosity to evaluate its role in human creativity, ambition and culture, drawing on interviews with scientists and students while examining the lives of forefront intellectuals to identify how curiosity manifests in the brain.

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Woolly: The True Story of the De-extinction of One of History's Most Iconic Creatures by Ben Mezrich
The best-selling author of The Accidental Billionaires traces the pioneering work of a group of young scientists under the guidance of brilliant geneticist George Church, who sequenced the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth harvested from the Arctic circle to resurrect the extinct species as part of a larger effort to slow the advances of global warming.

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Social Science

American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land by Monica Hesse
American Fire
The Washington Post reporter and author of Girl in the Blue Coat documents the trial of a man who was charged with dozens of counts of arson in rural Virginia county, sharing insight into the perpetrator's struggles with addiction, his relationship with his accomplice girlfriend and the impact of the fires on their community.

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Black Detroit: A People's History of Self-Determination by Herb Boyd
Black Detroit
The author of Baldwin's Harlem blends memoir and reportage in an examination of the dynamic culture, politics, economics and spiritual life of Detroit that discusses the city's history and significance within the African-American legacy.

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Policing the Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment by Angela J. Davis, ed.
Policing the Black Man
A comprehensive, thought-provoking analysis of the key issues behind the Black Lives Matter movement features 12 essays by some of America's most influential criminal justice experts and legal scholars, including Equal Justice Institute Director Bryan Stevenson, NAACP Legal Defense Fund President Sherrrilyn Ifill and John Jay College of Criminal Justice President Jeremy Travis.

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The Stars in Our Eyes: The Famous, the Infamous, and Why We Care Way Too Much About Them by Julie Klam
The Stars in Our Eyes
The best-selling author of You Had Me at Woof presents a lively exploration of modern celebrity that examines why celebrities fascinate us, what it means to be famous in the modern world and why celebrities are an important part of life today.

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The Way We Die Now: The View from Medicine's Front Line by Seamus O'Mahony
The Way We Die Now
An insightful report on how the western world addresses death and dying examines how innumerable people currently die in hospitals, often unaware that their time has come and subjected to invasive and unhelpful last-minute interventions, in a call-to-action that urges for a return to practices that enable compassionate and positive death experiences.

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