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Fantasy & Science

The Black Elfstone by Terry Brooks
The Black Elfstone
A first entry in an epic four-part series concluding the Shannara chronicles depicts a peaceful Four Lands that are invaded by a largely ignored, mysterious army whose true agenda is recognized by a band of outcasts who would expose the truth. By the best-selling author of The Sword of Shannara. Fall of Shannara No. 1

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The Changeling by Victor LaValle
The Changeling
Resolving to commit to marriage and parenthood unlike the father who abandoned him, Apollo Kagwa, who suffers from bizarre dreams, is shocked when his wife commits an act of astounding violence before disappearing, compelling Apollo's odyssey through a world he barely understands. By the award-winning author of Slapboxing with Jesus.

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Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King & Richard Chizmar
Gwendy's Button Box
A novel co-written by the #1 best-selling author of The Bazaar of Bad Dreams returns to the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, to take on a terrifying man in a trim, black suit, and a girl named Gwendy who was brave enough to talk to him.

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The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
A discreet translation assignment enmeshes a linguistics expert and a military intelligence operator in the world-shattering revelation that magic was once widely practiced and can be reactivated if they travel back in time to make historical changes that are complicated by human treachery.

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The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett
The Space Between the Stars
Facing a life alone on the frontier worlds after a devastating pandemic wipes out a once-overpopulated Earth, a heartbroken woman receives a garbled message about potential survivors and unites with other ragtag colonists on a journey fraught with conflicts between an old and new civilization. A first novel.

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The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams
The Witchwood Crown
A debut entry in a trilogy sequel to the best-selling Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series is set 30 years later at a critical turning point in the realm, where lost and corrupted allies are enabling the return of the once-vanquished elvish Norns. Last King of Osten Ard No. 1

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General Fiction

Before Everything by Victoria Redel
Before Everything
A group of friends who have faced everything together since girlhood gather once more in the wake of their leader's terminal illness to support her and each other through such challenges as remarriage, a rebellious daughter, a sibling's mental health crisis and a career setback. By the award-winning author of Loverboy.

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The Chalk Artist by Allegra Goodman
The Chalk Artist
A disarming chalk artist who thinks nothing of erasing his dazzling work and an idealistic teacher who believes that things are meant to last forge an unlikely romance marked by her powerful father's virtual reality company and a brilliant but unstable student who is obsessed with video games. By the award-winning author of The Cookbook Collector.

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Cocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams
Cocoa Beach
In the early days of Prohibition, the newly widowed Virginia Fitzwilliam arrives in the tropical boomtown of Cocoa Beach, Florida, to settle her husband’s estate—and discover the true cause of his death.

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The Confusion of Languages by Siobhan Fallon
The Confusion of Languages
Dutifully following their soldier husbands to the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, Cassie and Margaret forge an unlikely friendship before a suspicious accident leaves Margaret's toddler son in Cassie's care, a situation further complicated by the discovery of unsettling secrets in Margaret's journal.

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Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy
Do Not Become Alarmed
A tropical vacation cruise turns nightmarish for two families whose children go missing during a stop in Central America, a crisis that triggers blame, animosity and new priorities as the once-happy parents scramble to recover their children and their lives. By the award-winning author of Liars and Saints.

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Everybody's Son by Thrity Umrigar
Everybody's Son
A lawman struggles to come to terms with the moral fallout of crimes committed by his loved ones when he learns that he was wrongly taken from his biological mother and that his grieving foster father exploited their family's influence to retain custody. By the author of The Weight of Heaven.

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A French Wedding by Hannah Tunnicliffe
A French Wedding
Six longtime college friends reunite on the coast of Brittany for a birthday celebration marked by sumptuous foods, tricky romantic entanglements and hidden secrets. By the author of The Color of Tea.

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Girl on the Leeside by Kathleen Anne Kenney
Girl on the Leeside
Overprotected by her uncle while growing up in her family's Irish pub after her mother's death in an IRA bombing, Kee bonds with an American literary scholar who awakens her to the possibility of a fulfilling life away from the pub, an opportunity that is further complicated by a difficult family secret.

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A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass
A House Among the Trees
When a revered children's book author dies accidentally and leaves everything to his trusted assistant, the assistant reflects on their long bond and the complicated aspects of her late employer's life and final wishes. By the National Book Award-winning author of Three Junes.

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The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
The Identicals
Forced to call a truce by a family crisis, estranged identical twins Tabitha and Harper reevaluate their bond and the resentments that drove them apart from their respective homes on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. By the best-selling author of The Rumor.

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The Light in Summer by Mary McNear
The Light in Summer
A summertime marked by loneliness, teen precociousness and a faithful dog turns hopeful for beautiful Billy Harper, who confronts painful realities about her father's death while navigating relationships with a complicated newcomer and her son's long-absent father. By a New York Times best-selling author. Butternut Lake No. 5

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Mad by Chloe J. Esposito
A debut installment in a planned trilogy set in London and Sicily during a violent summer week finds a reckless and drama-prone identical twin resorting to extreme lengths to steal her favored sister's perfect life. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know No. 1

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The Map That Leads to You by J. P. Monninger
The Map that Leads to You
Traveling through Europe with her friends during a romantic summer after graduating college, Heather falls in love with enigmatic New Englander Jack, who is recreating his grandfather's European tour while harboring a secret that changes everything.

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Marriage of a Thousand Lies by S. J. Sindu
Marriage of a Thousand Lies
A married man and woman in India who hide their gay orientations from their conservative families find their arrangement compromised when one of them returns home to care for a family member only to reconnect with a beloved ex whose marriage to a heterosexual stranger has been arranged.

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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
A provocative love story by the award-winning author of The God of Small Things meanders through a spectrum of powerful emotions experienced by diverse protagonists, including a grieving father who writes a letter profiling the people who came to his 5-year-old daughter's funeral and two longtime friends at a guest house who sleep wrapped around each other like newlyweds.

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Our Little Racket by Angelica Baker
Our Little Racket
When an investment banker is accused of malfeasance in the wake of the 2008 economic crash, four women including friends and family members begin questioning their shifting roles in their personal and community lives. A first novel.

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The Outer Cape by Patrick Dacey
The Outer Cape
Returning to the small town of their childhoods in the aftermath of their father's release from white-collar prison and their mother's fateful diagnosis, two young men find themselves atoning for the mistakes of their parents in order to resolve long-standing family dynamics. A first novel.

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The People We Hate at the Wedding by Grant Ginder
The People We Hate at the Wedding
A fractured family from the Chicago suburbs reluctantly gathers in London to attend an eldest daughter's wedding to an upper-crust Englishman, an affair that exposes secrets, triggers riotous culture clashes and tests the bonds of both families. By the author of Driver's Education.

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Perennials by Mandy Berman
A darkly poignant coming-of-age novel about the magic of camp and the enduring power of female friendship finds two former campers reunited as counselors and struggling to find common ground in the wake of personality differences, secrets and tensions that build to a tragic event.

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River Under the Road by Scott Spencer
River Under the Road
Meeting at a vast Hudson River estate, two couples become estranged by unexpected successes and reactions that shape the lives of diverse friends and family members over the course of two decades.

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The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor
The Shark Club
Nearly two decades after surviving a shark attack on the Gulf of Mexico, a world-traveling marine biologist and respected "shark whisperer" harbors private insecurities that compel her to return to her Florida coast home to explore old and new relationships. A first novel by the best-selling co-author of Traveling with Pomegranates.

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Small Hours by Jennifer Kitses
Small Hours
In a novel told hour-by-hour over the course of a single day, a husband and wife try to outrun long-buried secrets—and send their lives spiraling into chaos. Reading-group guide available. A first novel.

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Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory
A generations-spanning family of psychics, blessed and burdened by their abilities, is challenged to use their powers collectively to save themselves from the CIA, the local mafia and a skeptic bent on discrediting them. By the author of The Devil's Alphabet.

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Stranger by David Bergen
Working at an Ixchel fertility clinic where she tends to rich patients near a mythical lake, a young Guatemalan woman loses custody of her baby to her American doctor lover and his infertile wife before attempting to enter the United States illegally to reclaim her daughter. By the award-winning author of The Time in Between.

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The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green
The Sunshine Sisters
Receiving a sobering health diagnosis, a once-uninvolved mother-turned-Hollywood star calls her estranged adult daughters home in the hopes of ending her life, triggering old rivalries and secret fears that challenge family bonds. By the best-selling author of Falling.

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The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues by Edward Kelsey Moore
The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues
The late-in-life marriage of two infamous natives of an Indiana community attracts the return of a famous guitar bluesman while compelling numerous locals to resolve long-standing disputes, from a philanderer who would prove his faithfulness, to a transgender woman who would live authentically. By the best-selling author of The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat.

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The Swallow's Nest by Emilie Richards

The Swallow's Nest
Devotedly raising the baby her late husband's mistress abandoned, Lilia finds her precarious happiness upended by her disapproving mother-in-law and the child's mother's decision to reclaim her son before unexpected common ground bonds the three women to each other.

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Swell by Jill Eisenstadt
The Glassman family believe they've found refuge from post 9-11 Manhattan at their new home in Rockaway, Queens—until 90-year-old unconvicted murderer Rose, fresh from escaping an assisted-living facility, appears to reclaim their beach house as hers. By the author of From Rockaway.

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Touch by Courtney Maum
A leading trend forecaster suddenly finds herself in the position of wanting to overturn her own predictions. By the author of I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You.

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The Whole Way Home by Sarah Creech
The Whole Way Home
A country music artist, poised to become a big Nashville star, confronts her small-town past, her carefully cultivated public image and a former love when her label reunites her with the famous singer ex she has never forgotten.

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The Windfall by Diksha Basu
The Windfall
Moving to a wealthy community after the lucrative sale of their website, Mr. And Mrs. Jha, formerly of East Delhi, struggle with cultural changes while their son, studying in America, pursues romance and wonders how his parents' new status will affect his life choices.

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Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
Before We Were Yours
A tale inspired by firsthand accounts about the notoriously corrupt Tennessee Children's Home Society follows the efforts of a Baltimore assistant D.A. to uncover her parents' fateful secrets in the wake of a political attack and a chance encounter with a stranger. By the best-selling author of Tending Roses.

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The City Always Wins by Omar Robert Hamilton
The City Always Wins
Deeply enmeshed in the 2011 uprising in Tahrir Square, Mariam and Khalil move through Cairo's surging streets and roiling political underground to support what they believe will be an entirely different future. A first novel.

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The Duchess by Danielle Steel
The Duchess
A tale set in early 19th-century England, Paris and New York follows the endeavors of a noble orphan who after being thrown out of her ancestral home by a vicious half-sibling makes her way to Paris, where she takes in abused streetwalkers and transforms them into upper-crust courtesans in an exclusive bordello.

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The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry
The Essex Serpent
An American debut of an award-winning book from England is set in the late-19th century and follows the experiences of an intellectually minded young widow and a pious vicar who investigate rumors about a mythical sea creature that has been blamed for a death in coastal Essex.

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Fly Me by Daniel Riley
Fly Me
Suzy Whitman, alternating her nomadic life as a flight attendant with the drug-hazed surf scene of 1972 Los Angeles, soon falls into a drug-trafficking scheme that clashes perilously with the skyjacking epidemic of the day. A first novel.

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Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani
Kiss Carlo
Establishing a stable home and Western Union Telegraph Office in post-World War II Philadelphia, the hardworking Palazzini family is shattered by their nephew's epiphany in the wake of a telegram that changes everything for the citizens of a small Italian-American village.

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The Lost History of Stars by Dave Boling
The Lost History of Stars
Detained in a filthy concentration camp during the second Boer War, 14-year-old Lettie, an Afrikaner settler, works to help her mother and brother survive while forging surprising friendships, dreaming of becoming a writer and remembering her stargazing activities with her soldier grandfather. By the author of Guernica.

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The Lost Letter by Jillian Cantor
The Lost Letter
A young apprentice works secretly for the Austrian resistance in World War II and resolves to save the fiery daughter of his Jewish stamp engraver master, a story that is found decades later by a divorced descendant who investigates an unusual stamp on an old love letter. By the award-winning author of Margot.

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Quiet Until the Thaw by Alexandra Fuller
Quiet Until the Thaw
A debut novel by the best-selling memoirist of Don't Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight follows the experiences of two Native American cousins who become estranged by their different approaches to fighting cultural injustice and whose lives are disrupted by prison, parenthood and violence.

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Seven Stones to Stand or Fall by Diana Gabaldon
Seven Stones to Stand or Fall
A collection of seven short stories set in the Outlander universe stars beloved character Jamie Fraser and includes two previously unpublished stories, including "Besieged," a tale about Lord John Grey; and "A Fugitive Green," centering on John's brother, Hal Grey.

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The Widow Nash by Jamie Harrison
The Widow Nash
The quiet adulthood of a woman who spent her childhood traveling is disrupted by her eccentric father's abrupt death and an investigative journey through early 20th-century America, during which she reads her father's journals for clues as to what happened to the proceeds of a lucrative sale. By the author of Blue Deer Thaw.

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Mystery & Detective

Bad Housekeeping by Maia Chance
Bad Housekeeping
A once-contented academic accepts a salvaging job from her eccentric great aunt in the wake of an embarrassing breakup, only to find herself embroiled in a murder mystery that requires her to find the real culprit to clear their names. Agnes and Effie No. 1

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The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes by Leonard Goldberg
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes
A highly skilled nurse with unique mental talents is recruited into the investigative team of the elderly Dr. John Watson and his handsome son before being swept up in a Holmesian mystery with ties to the Second Afghan War, a hidden treasure and a murder at the highest levels of British society. By the best-selling author of Fever Cell.

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Death of a Bachelorette by Laura Levine
Death of a Bachelorette
While working on a knock-off reality TV show in the tropics, freelance writer Jaine Austen finds murder entering the script when one of the finalists, determined to win her prince, dies in a freak accident, which traps them all on the island while the police investigate, forcing Jaine to join in the fray before any of the other contestants suffer the same fate. Jaine Austen Mysteries No. 15

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Death on Nantucket by Francine Mathews
Death on Nantucket
Investigating the suspicious death of an aging journalist famed for his work as a correspondent during the Vietnam War, Nantucket police detective Meredith Folger struggles to uncover the truth when another member of the victim's family is killed and the remaining members demonstrate tendencies to spin wild tales or keep dangerous secrets. Merry Folger Nantucket Mysteries No. 5

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Endgame by Bill Pronzini
Two cases challenge the Nameless Detective agency's resources, including those of a woman who resolves to learn the truth about her late husband's possible infidelity in a remote Sierras cabin; and a man who would clear his name of his agoraphobic wife's murder. Nameless Detective No. 46

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Fateful Mornings by Tom Bouman
Fateful Mornings
A sequel to Dry Bones in the Valley finds Officer Henry Farrell of Wild Thyme, Pennsylvania, confronting a spate of drug-related burglaries before an investigation into a shooting and disappearance leads to the discovery of an out-of-state industrial vice district with ties to dangerous local secrets. Henry Farrell No. 2

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Forever and a Death by Donald E. Westlake
Forever and a Death
A formerly wealthy businessman who loses everything to Hong Kong's new Chinese authorities vengefully plots to use a construction technology to destroy the city and steal its gold, a heist that is countered by the technology's developer and a beautiful young environmental activist.

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A Just Clause by Lorna Barrett
A Just Clause
Surprised by a visit from their father, a con man who has served jail time, mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, investigate when he is implicated in a shocking murder that occurs against a backdrop of a high-profile book signing. By the best-selling author of A Fatal Chapter. Booktown Mysteries No. 11

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The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka
The Last Place You Look
Hired by the sister of a man on death row who swears he is innocent of the murders of his missing girlfriend and her parents, private investigator Roxane Weary, reeling from her police officer father's death in the line of duty, links sightings of the missing girl to one of her late father's cold cases. Roxane Weary No. 1

Reserve a copy of The Last Place You Look

Lies That Bind: A Cotswold Murder Mystery by Stella Cameron
Lies That Bind
When a young boy finds a body in a neighboring village, Alex Duggins is drawn into a case of cold-blooded murder. Alex Duggins No. 4

Reserve a copy of Lies That Bind

Love Like Blood by Mark Billingham
Love Like Blood
A politically sensitive case involving the mistaken-identity murder of her partner compels detective inspector Nicola Tanner to team up with detective Tom Thorne, who investigates a string of cold-case honor killings and the more recent disappearance of a young couple. By the award-winning author of Time of Death. Tom Thorne No. 14

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Murder at the Puppy Fest by Laurien Berenson
Murder at the Puppy Fest
When the wealthy philanthropist host of an annual fundraiser to benefit a local animal shelter is found dead, Melanie Travis must unearth the true cause of his death, in the latest addition to the series following Live and Let Growl. Melanie Travis Mysteries No. 20

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Murder in Saint-Germain by Cara Black
Murder in Saint-Germain
Accosted by a paranoid counterterrorism agent who may be compromised by PTSD, private investigator Aimée Leduc wonders if the Serbian warlord who the agent was tracking may have come to Paris with a blood vendetta, a case that is challenged by Aimée's wedding, the demands of early motherhood and a series of attacks on other agents. Aimée Leduc Investigations No. 17

Reserve a copy of Murder in Saint-Germain

Murder on Black Swan Lane by Andrea Penrose
Murder on Black Swan Lane
In Regency London, an unconventional scientist and a fearless female artist form an unlikely alliance to expose unspeakable evil. Quill Mysteries No. 1

Reserve a copy of Murder on Black Swan Lane

Odd Numbers by Anne Holt
Odd Numbers
A devastating bombing attack in the Islamic Cooperation Council's offices in Oslo brings special adviser Hanne Wilhelmsen out of her secluded home to investigate rumors of an imminent second attack and assist a long-lost friend's efforts to reach out to his troubled son. Hanne Wilhelmsen No. 9

Reserve a copy of Odd Numbers

Only Skein Deep by Maggie Sefton
Only Skein Deep
When the scandal-marked young wife of a banking scion is found dead on the greens at a local golfing club, pregnant Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun Knitters race the clock to identify an unhinged killer in their midst. By the best-selling author of Knit to Be Tied. Knitting Mysteries No. 15

Reserve a copy of Only Skein Deep

The Right Side by Spencer Quinn
The Right Side
Disfigured from a war injury incurred during an operation she barely remembers, a woman veteran of the war in Afghanistan embarks on an obsessive search for her missing daughter before forging a deep bond with a stray dog and discovering new perils beyond the combat zone. By the best-selling author of the Chet and Bernie mysteries.

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Shiver Hitch by Linda Greenlaw
Shiver Hitch
Visiting remote Acadia Island to assess the damages from a house fire, former homicide detective-turned-insurance investigator Jane Bunker discovers the body of the house's owner in the rubble before learning that the victim had many enemies and died from other causes. By the best-selling author of Slipknot. Jane Bunker No. 3

Reserve a copy of Shiver Hitch

Take Out by Margaret Maron
Take Out
A debut entry in a spin-off series by the best-selling author of the long-running Deborah Knott mysteries focuses on NYPD Detective Sigrid Harald. By the Edgar Award-winning author of Three Day Town. Sigrid Harald No. 9

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The Templars' Last Secret by Martin Walker
The Templars' Last Secret
Investigating the death of a woman found at the foot of a cliff where the long-ago Knights Templar stronghold stands, Bruno, assisted by Haitian newcomer Amélie, learns that the victim was searching for a religious artifact of incredible importance. By the best-selling author of Fatal Pursuit. Bruno, Chief of Police No. 10

Reserve a copy of The Templars' Last Secret

What the Dead Leave Behind by David Housewright
What the Dead Leave Behind
Reluctantly investigating a cold-case murder as a favor for his stepdaughter, millionaire detective Rushmore McKenzie discovers links to a second killing before a series of suspicious coincidences reveal the activities of a dangerous adversary. By the Edgar Award-winning author of Stealing the Countess. Twin Cities P.I. Mac McKenzie No. 14

Reserve a copy of What the Dead Leave Behind

Wolf on a String by Bejamin Black
Wolf on a String
Discovering the murdered body of a young woman after arriving in 1599 Prague, an ambitious young scholar and alchemist becomes entangled in the machinations of several ruthless courtiers before attracting the attention of an Emperor who would retain the power of the throne. By the award-winning author of the Quirke series.

Reserve a copy of Wolf on a String


Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe
Beach House for Rent
The best-selling author of the Lowcountry Summer series presents a highly anticipated follow-up to Beach House Memories and The Beach House. Beach House No. 3

Reserve a copy of Beach House for Rent

Blind Item by Kevin Dickson & Jack Ketsoyan
Blind Item
Landing a coveted job as an assistant to a high-powered publicist, Nicola moves to Hollywood and immerses herself in the business of manufactured scandals at the side of fame-seeking and gossip-peddling roommates before their secrets threaten her relationship with a movie star.

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The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan
Cafe by the Sea
Returning to her family's Scottish island town in the aftermath of her mother's death, a London girl-about-town opens a café when she discovers that her father and brothers are not quite up to the task of running the family farm. The New York Times best-selling author of The Bookshop on the Corner.

Reserve a copy of The Cafe by the Sea

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts
Come Sundown
Running the Montana ranch that has been home to four generations of her family, Bo and the man she is starting to love encounter her badly injured aunt, who ran off decades earlier, before a local murder reveals sinister activities in the mountains that surround their home. By the best-selling author of Whiskey Beach.

Reserve a copy of Come Sundown

The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter
The Darkest Promise
An iron-willed sovereign meets a the somber beauty who melts him with a glance. Lords of the Underworld No. 13

Reserve a copy of The Darkest Promise

The Girl With the Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn
The Girl With the Make-Believe Husband
With her brother Thomas injured on the battlefront in the Colonies, orphaned Cecilia Harcourt decides to travel to America to nurse him back to health, but instead she finds injured officer Edward Rokesby, who believes her to be his wife. Rokesbys No. 2

Reserve a copy of The Girl With the Make-Believe Husband

Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin
Grief Cottage
Moving in with his reclusive artist aunt after his mother's death, 11-year-old Marcus learns the story of a local cottage from which a family disappeared during a hurricane half a century earlier, a tragedy that compels him to explore the cottage, where he meets a ghost with a mysterious agenda. By the National Book Award-finalist author of Evensong.

Reserve a copy of Grief Cottage

Indian Summer by Marcia Willett
Indian Summer
Retreating from his celebrity life to his quiet home in rural Devon, a renowned actor is joined by a friend from London who is wondering how to reply to a former love who has written, asking to reconcile during a summer marked by devastating secrets. By the author of Postcards from the Past.

Reserve a copy of Indian Summer

The Little French Bistro by Nina George
The Little French Bistro
Overcome by regrets after decades in a loveless and unhappy marriage, Marianne attempts suicide and is abandoned by her husband before finding herself in picturesque Brittany, where she finds loving new friends who encourage her to develop her talents for her own pleasure. By the best-selling author of The Little Paris Bookshop.

Reserve a copy of The Little French Bistro

Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis
Lost and Found Sisters
Feeling empty after the accidental death of her sister, a Los Angeles chef is shattered when a lawyer reveals a devastating family secret that prompts her to relocate to a different town, where she finds solace in simple pleasures and a kindhearted new friend. Wildstone No. 1

Reserve a copy of Lost and Found Sisters

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
When an aging and reclusive Hollywood icon selects an unknown magazine reporter to write her life story, the baffled journalist forges deep ties with the actress during a complicated interview process that exposes their tragic common history.

Reserve a copy of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh
Silver Silence
A first entry in a story arc tied to the best-selling Psy-Changeling series finds Silver Mercant, a peace negotiator for a fledgling Trinity Accord, targeted by an assassination plot and forced to protection from Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the wild StoneWater Bears. Psy-Changeling Trinity No. 1

Reserve a copy of Silver Silence

Sin of a Woman by Kimberla Lawson Roby
Sin of a Woman
Using the methods of her vindictive ex-husband to fix her damaged reputation after a humiliating public divorce, Raven Black is horrified when her choices have consequences for innocent people. By the best-selling author of A House Divided. Curtis Black No. 14

Reserve a copy of Sin of a Woman

Single-Minded by Lisa Daily
Marrying the person she has loved since early childhood, Alex reevaluates her prospects after discovering that her husband is gay, a situation that compels her to seek dating advice from an oddball collection of friends, including her ex, a foul-mouthed political consultant, a perkily masochistic yogi and a pot-smoking octogenarian. By the best-selling author of Stop Getting Dumped!

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Undaunted by Diana Palmer
A marriage between a handsome millionaire with exacting beliefs and the woman who loves him completely in spite of their differences is challenged by his reclusive, wary nature and his discovery of her role in an accident that left him blind. By the best-selling author of Desperado.

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White Hot by Ilona Andrews
White Hot
Nevada and Rogan navigate a world where magic is the norm … and their relationship burns hot. Hidden Legacy No. 2

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Story Collections

The Accomplished Guest: Stories by Ann Beattie
The Accomplished Guest: Stories
A new collection of stories by the award-winning author of Distortions is set along America's East Coast and explores unconventional friendships, frustrated loves, mortality and aging.

Order a copy of The Accomplished Guest: Stories

DIS MEM BER and other Stories of Mystery and Suspense by Joyce Carol Oates
DIS MEM BER and other Stories of Mystery and Suspense
A latest collection of stories by the best-selling author of We Were the Mulvaneys focuses on the inner lives of vulnerable female protagonists struggling through victimization, provocation or deep emotional unrest to commit violent retaliatory acts.

Reserve a copy of DIS MEM BER and other Stories of Mystery and Suspense


And Into the Fire by Robert Gleason
And Into the Fire
When ISIS allies itself with Pakistan's most notorious terrorist group to carry out a plot to drop nuclear bombs on three American cities, the head of the CIA's Pakistan desk and an intrepid journalist race to prevent the bombings, only to find themselves targeted by a powerful Saudi ambassador and a corrupt U.S. president.

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Blackout by Marc Elsberg
After a cyber-attack causes Europe's electrical grid to collapse, and its nuclear reactors to begin to overheat, a former hacker and activist who knows a thing or two about infiltrating networks goes on the run with a young American reporter based in Paris, and soon becomes a prime suspect as threats to the United States emerge.

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Camino Island by John Grisham
Camino Island
A young woman is recruited to recover priceless F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts that were stolen during a daring heist. By a #1 best-selling author.

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The Child by Fiona Barton
The Child
Investigating the discovery of a baby's skeleton in a redeveloped section of London, journalist Kate Waters discovers links to the kidnapping of a baby from a hospital decades earlier before she is targeted by someone who would keep their secrets hidden. By the best-selling author of The Widow.

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Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich
Dangerous Minds
A follow-up to Curious Minds pits mismatched partners Riley Moon, a financial analyst, and Emerson Knight, an eccentric billionaire's son, against a big-league criminal whose activities pose a series of puzzle-like clues. By the best-selling author of the Stephanie Plum novels. Knight and Moon No. 2

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Defectors by Joseph Kanon
Writing his memoirs 12 years after fleeing to the relative safety of life in a Moscow prison after being exposed as a Communist spy, former CIA insider Frank Weeks asks his reluctant brother to edit his manuscript as part of a cat-and-mouse scheme that places both of their lives in danger. By the Edgar Award-winning author of Leaving Berlin.

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The Destroyers by Christopher Bollen
The Destroyers
Fleeing to a Greek island in the aftermath of his father's death, a humiliated young man reconnects with a best friend and girlfriend from his youth before being swept up in a web of deception involving a violent fantasy game he played as a child.

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Echolocation by Mark Powell
Four people’s lives converge—including a stay-at-home mom obsessed with a reporter captured by ISIS, a haunted widower and others—as they are consumed by the dangers of the world, both real and imagined.

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Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica
Every Last Lie
A woman who loses her husband in a car crash that her daughter survived unharmed, begins to suspect his death wasn’t an accident, By the best-selling author of The Good Girl.

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The Force by Don Winslow
The Force
A highly decorated NYPD detective at the head of an elite anti-gang task force risks betraying his colleagues, his city and the woman he loves when federal agents discover the corrupt activities that have enabled him to skim millions in drugs and cash.

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The Forgotten Girl by Rio Youers
The Forgotten Girl
Beaten up by goons at the order of a sinister man known only as "the spider," a young street performer discovers that he once had a girlfriend who used her supernatural powers to erase memories of her from his mind and that some part of him still loves her. By the author of Point Hollow.

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The Fourth Monkey by J. D. Barker
The Fourth Monkey
Investigating the death of a serial killer who has terrorized Chicago for years, Detective Sam Porter reads the murderer's diary, subjecting the demons of his own mind to the twisted rationalizations of a psychopath, in the hopes of tracking down one last victim. By the award-nominated author of Forsaken.

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He Said / She Said by Erin Kelly
He Said / She Said
Traveling to a festival in Cornwall to see a total eclipse, an eclipse chaser and his girlfriend intervene in a crime that they cannot prove until a dangerous enemy's activities during a subsequent eclipse forces them to confront the past. By the best-selling author of The Poison Tree.

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Here and Gone by Haylen Beck
Here and Gone
Wrongly arrested after fleeing her abusive husband's home, a mother desperately fights corrupt authorities to recover her stolen children; while a man across the country hears the story on the news and identifies links to similar events in his own past.

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The Himalayan Codex by Bill Schutt & J. R. Finch
The Himalayan Code
An explosive follow-up to Hell's Gate finds zoologist and adventurer Captain R. J. MacCready journeying to post-World War II Tibet to search for a legendary creature that may hold the secret to humankind's evolutionary future. R. J. MacCready No. 2

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Indecent Exposure by Stuart Woods
Indecent Exposure
New York City cop-turned-Manhattan law firm rainmaker Stone Barrington uses his signature charm, foresight and allure with the ladies. By the Edgar Award-winning author of Sex, Lies & Serious Money. Stone Barrington No. 42

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Indigo by Charlaine Harris, et al. Illus by Eva Diaz.
A thriller representing the contributions of best-selling and award-winning writers—including Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry and Kelley Armstrong—finds an investigative reporter-turned-vigilante questioning her motives in the wake of a violent battle against a cult that is murdering children in New York.

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Knife Creek by Paul Doiron
Knife Creek
Investigating the horrifying discovery of a baby's body in a shallow woodland grave, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch uncovers links between the victim and a woman believed to have died years earlier, a cold case that raises suspicions around neighbors who may not be who they seem. By the award-winning author of The Poacher's Son. Mike Bowditch No. 8

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Lockdown by Laurie R. King
A school career day that is hosted by a range of presenters is thrown into turmoil by an anonymous enemy with a thirst for revenge in a stand-alone novel of psychological suspense by the best-selling author of the Mary Russell series.

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Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz
Magpie Murders
Ignoring the troubling behavior of an eccentric crime writer with whom she has worked for years, editor Susan Ryeland is dismayed when a subplot hidden in the author's latest manuscript reveals a real-world murder. By the best-selling author of Moriarty.

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The Marsh King's Daughter by Karen Dionne
The Marsh King's Daughter
A woman whose birth occurred as a result of her teen mother's abduction and imprisonment in an isolated marshland cabin risks the adult family that does not know her past when she uses survival skills honed in childhood to track down her murderous father.

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Matchup: The Battle of the Sexes Just Got Thrilling by Lee Child, ed.
A follow-up to FaceOff collects stories written by best-selling thriller authors, 11 women and 11 men partnered in male-female literary pairings, in an anthology that includes contributions by such favorites as Sandra Brown, John Sandford and Eric Van Lustbader.

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The Mentor by Lee Matthew Goldberg
The Mentor
Regretfully rejecting his college mentor's depraved manuscript, publishing editor Kyle finds himself targeted by his increasingly obsessed mentor, whose book Kyle gradually realizes may be a confession to a cold-case disappearance. By the author of Slow Down.

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Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore
A first novel by an award-winning short story writer follows the efforts of a bookstore clerk to unravel a puzzle left behind by a patron who has committed suicide, an effort that is complicated by memories of the clerk's violent childhood.

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Murder Games by James Patterson
Murder Games
A tenacious Manhattan police officer determined to stop a serial killer who leaves playing cards at the scenes of unrelated victims teams up with a brilliant professor whose book has been connected to the murders against a backdrop of high-profile tabloid speculation. By the National Book Award-winning co-author of Truth or Die.

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The Party by Robyn Harding
The Party
A small party celebrating a sweet daughter's 16th birthday is shattered by a devastating accident that turns friends on each other and exposes dark secrets about the daughter's true nature and her parents' marriage.

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Putin's Gambit by Lou Dobbs & James O. Born
Putin's Gambit
Questioning his priorities while navigating a brutal Wall Street job and a challenging romance, former Marine Derek Walsh discovers an inexplicable $200 million money transfer on his computer before he is plunged into a KGB plot to use a series of terrorist attacks as a cover for a Russian military incursion into Estonia.

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Robert Ludlum's™ The Bourne Initiative by Eric Lustbader
Robert Ludlum's™ The Bourne Initiative
Amnesiac secret agent Jason Bourne joins forces with dubious enemies when the murder of a high-ranking Russian official triggers a retaliatory plot to steal the U.S. president's nuclear launch codes. By the best-selling author of Black Heart. Jason Bourne No. 14

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The Silent Corner by Dean R. Koontz
The Silent Corner
A first entry in a two-part novel of suspense finds shattered widow Jane Hawk investigating the inexplicable truth behind her happy and successful husband's suicide and is rendered a fugitive when she discovers that powerful enemies are somehow forcing accomplished and popular people to end their lives. By the best-selling author of Ashley Bell. Jane Hawk No. 1

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The Sister Chase  by Sarah Healy
The Sisters Chase
Rendered homeless by her mother's accidental death, 18-year-old Mary takes her younger sister across the country in search of a better life that is further complicated by painful secrets. By the author of Can I Get an Amen?

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The Switch by Joseph Finder
The Switch
Picking up a politician's laptop by mistake, Michael Tanner discovers stolen files before finding himself targeted by an unscrupulous fixer at the same time the owners of the files hatch a deadly plot. By the best-selling author of Guilty Minds.

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Tom Clancy Point of Contact by Mike Maden
Tom Clancy Point of Contact
An ordinary audit turns deadly when Jack Ryan, Jr. helps investigate a potential investment opportunity, only to discover the dangerous past of his seemingly harmless assistant. By the best-selling author of the Drone series. Jack Ryan, Jr. No. 5

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Trap the Devil by Ben Coes
Trap the Devil
When the instigators of an invisible coup assassinate the Secretary of State and target the president and vice president as part of a plan to take over the government and launch a full-scale war, Dewey Andreas is dispatched by the CIA to offer additional security only to find himself framed for the murders he would prevent. Dewey Andreas No. 7

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The Ultimatum by Karen Robards
The Ultimatum
A talented master of disguise who devotes herself to conning thieves and returning stolen money to its rightful owners hides her Robin Hood activities behind a day job as a personal assistant to her thief father's alluring former partner. Guardian No. 1

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UNSUB by Meg Gardiner
A psychological thriller inspired by the unsolved case of the Zodiac Killer follows the efforts of a young detective who resolves to apprehend the serial murderer who destroyed her family and terrorized a city 20 years earlier. By the Edgar Award-winning author of China Lake.

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Use of Force by Brad Thor
Use of Force
When the body of a high-value terrorist washes ashore after a severe storm across the Mediterranean Sea, Scot Harvath is tapped by the CIA to determine if the suspect was connected to months of rumors about a major attack. By the best-selling author of Foreign Agent. Scot Harvath No. 16

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Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown
Watch Me Disappear
When a woman goes missing during a hike in California's Desolation Wilderness, her devastated family is forced to come to terms with her secretive nature. By the best-selling author of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

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You Belong to Me by Colin Harrison
You Belong to Me
A successful immigration lawyer and passionate cartography hobbyist investigates a mysterious rival at the same time his beautiful neighbor is whisked away by a stranger in soldier fatigues in front of her powerful, possessive Iranian lawyer husband. By the author of Manhattan Nocturne.

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You'll Never Know, Dear by Hallie Ephron
You'll Never Know, Dear
When a one-of-a-kind porcelain doll that went missing the day her sister was abducted decades earlier resurfaces, Lissie uncovers sinister clues about a mysterious individual who would threaten the lives of the women in her family. By the best-selling author of Night Night, Sleep Tight.

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Zero Sum by Barry Eisler
Zero Sum
Returning to Tokyo in 1982 after a decade of mercenary work in the Philippines, John Rain learns that the killing business is now controlled by Victor—a half-Russian, half-Japanese sociopath who has eliminated all challengers—and now Victor wants John to kill a government minister or die a grisly death. By a New York Times best-selling author. John Rain No. 9

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