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July 2017

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Fantasy & Science

The Alexander Inheritance by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett
The Alexander Inheritance
Catapulted 2,000 years into the past by a latest cosmic force, the crew and passengers of a cruise ship struggle to survive in Egypt during the war-torn years of the Ptolemaic era. By the best-selling author of 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught. Ring of Fire series

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Arabella and the Battle of Venus by David D. Levine
Arabella and the Battle of Venus
When her fiancé is captured by the French and sent to a POW camp on swampy Venus, swashbuckling Arabella Ashby recruits the assistance of dashing privateer Daniel Fox and secures passage to the enemy-controlled planet in the middle of a war to stage a daring rescue. By the Hugo Award-winning author of Space Magic. Adventures of Arabella Ashby No. 2

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Armistice by Harry Turtledove
A conclusion to the trilogy set in a mid-20th-century alternate universe reimagines humanity's attempts to rebuild in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war. By the Hugo Award-winning author of the War That Came Early series. Hot War No. 3

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Assassin's Price by L. E. Modesitt
Assassin's Price
A latest entry in the story arc that began with Madness in Solidar follows the efforts of Lorien's eldest son, Charyn, to outmaneuver his father's silence and become a better-informed rex, an effort that is complicated by a murderous Jarolian privateer uprising. Imager Portfolio No. 11

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Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire
Down Among the Sticks and Bones
A stand-alone fantasy in the world of Every Heart a Doorway shares the story of Jack and Jill before they tumbled into Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children, relating their experiences in a childhood world of monsters, mad scientists and fateful choices. Wayward Children No. 2

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The Epiphany Machine by David Burr Gerrard
The Epiphany Machine
The author of Short Century reimagines an alternative-history New York from the 1960s to the near future marked by a salon host's innovation of an "epiphany machine" that places text tattoos on its users' forearms that make revelatory statements of fortune and consequence.

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Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed
Gather the Daughters
Starving herself to fend off adulthood in a radical post-apocalypse community where a few chosen men scavenge for detritus and women are little more than breeders, a teen leader investigates a shocking mystery that is contradictory to law before risking her life to organize a girl uprising.

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Gork, the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson
Gork, the Teenage Dragon
A big-hearted dragon whose struggles with anxiety have rendered him a lowest-ranking student at WarWings Military Academy embarks on a nerve-racking venture to ask a female dragon to be his queen, a competitive effort that will render him either a conqueror or a slave. A first novel.

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Graveyard Shift by Michael F. Haspil
Graveyard Shift
In a society where artificial blood allows vampires to live side-by-side with humans, vice cops Alex Menkaure, a former pharaoh and mummy, and Marcus, a vampire, have their hands full when someone starts poisoning the artificial-blood supply, bringing race relations between vampires and humans to the brink of anarchy.

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Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
Meddling Kids
The surviving members of a forgotten teen detective club and their dog reunite as broken adults to embark on a wacky effort to solve a terrifying cold case that ruined them all and sent the wrong man to prison. By the author of The Supernatural Enhancements.

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Out in the Open by Jesús Carrasco. Trans by Margaret Jull Costa.
Out in the Open
A U.S. release of the debut novel of an award-winning author from Spain traces the flight of a young boy through a violent, drought-stricken country where a chance encounter with an elderly goatherd transforms both of their lives. A first novel.

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The Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst
The Reluctant Queen
When a dying queen dispatches a champion to find a successor capable of protecting their realm from murderous spirits, a wife and mother of two is forced to choose a life of terrible risk in order to protect her loved ones. By the award-winning author of The Girl Who Could Not Dream. Queens of Renthia No. 2

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Talon of God by Wesley Snipes & Ray Norman
Talon of God
A fiction debut by the acclaimed actor depicts a holy warrior in a fantastical urban world where he must convince a doctor with no faith to help stop a powerful demon and his minions from establishing a hell on earth.

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Tomorrow's Kin by Nancy Kress
Tomorrow's Kin
A debut entry in a trilogy based on the Nebula Award-winning Yesterday's Kin follows the arrival of alien embassies who meet with the United Nations amid human fear and speculation before obscure scientist Dr. Marianne Jenner is secretly invited to visit the aliens and prevent an imminent disaster. Yesterday's Kin Trilogy No. 1

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When the English Fall by David Williams
When the English Fall
A tale told through the diary of an Amish farmer recounts his struggles to protect his family and way of life when a catastrophic solar storm decimates modern civilization, causing "English" outsiders to violently target the Amish for their resources. A first novel.

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General Fiction

The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson
The Almost Sisters
Swept off her feet by a costumed man at a comics convention, a graphic novelist discovers that she is pregnant with a biracial child and avoids telling her conventional Southern family while assisting her elderly grandmother, who has been hiding a dangerous secret linked to the Civil War.

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Amanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota
Amanda Wakes Up
A first novel by the co-host of CNN's New Day follows the experiences of a bootstrapping young reporter whose plum job at a big-time cable news station finds her ambitions and love life turned upside-down by impossible standards and a hotly contested election season.

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The Atlas of Forgotten Places by Jenny D. Williams
The Atlas of Forgotten Places
Retiring to her native Germany after a long career as an aid worker, Sabine is challenged to confront painful memories when her American niece disappears while volunteering in Uganda, where a veteran of the Lord's Resistance Army is searching for her missing lover.

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The Beautiful Dream of Life by Domingo Zapata
The Beautiful Dream of Life
A world-renowned painter who enjoys a luxurious home, invitations to exclusive exhibits and countless lovers succumbs to delusions about a perfect woman when he becomes disenchanted with his wealthy life and the ways his admirers fail to recognize his frustrations with the world.

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Bed-Stuy Is Burning by Brian Platzer
Bed-Stuy Is Burning
When the unfortunate shooting of a youth by a police officer triggers a riot in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, a disgraced rabbi-turned-Wall Street banker, his journalist girlfriend and their neighbors are forced to reckon with who they are and what truly matters to them. A first novel.

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The Captain's Daughter by Meg Mitchell Moore
The Captain's Daughter
The daughter of a widowed lobsterman returns to her hometown in coastal Maine when her father is seriously injured, a visit that reunites her with a former love and forces her to consider the life she might have led. By the author of So Far Away.

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Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney
Conversations with Friends
Devoting herself to an intellectual life and the self-possessed lover with whom she performs spoken-word poetry readings, a college student is drawn into the lives of a sophisticated journalist and her husband before the increasingly intimate relationship tests the boundaries of her resolve. A first novel.

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Final Demand by Deborah Moggach
Final Demand
A bright and ambitious woman with a dead-end job takes advantage of those around her until the consequences of a crime committed to advance her life pose an ultimate challenge to her truthfulness. By the best-selling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza
Fitness Junkie
Given an ultimatum by her best friend and business partner, the CEO of a couture wedding dress company embarks on a haphazard effort to lose weight in accordance with a series of fads ranging from naked yoga to militant boot camp, bonding with eccentric partners before questioning if her goals are wise. By the author of If Nuns Ruled the World.

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The Goddesses by Swan Huntley
The Goddesses
Moving to Hawaii with her family to start over in the wake of an infidelity, Nancy resolves to build a happier life and forges a close friendship with a charismatic teacher, Ana, who gradually reveals a psychologically manipulative nature. By the author of We Could Be Beautiful.

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Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong
Goodbye, Vitamin
Struggling with disillusionment in the aftermath of a broken engagement, Ruth moves back home with her parents to discover that her professor father's erratic memory loss and her mother's eccentricity are manifesting in near-comical ways that help Ruth transform her grief. A first novel.

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Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave
Hello, Sunshine
A social media lifestyle guru with millions of followers is disgraced by revelations about her identity, a downfall that compels brave choices that save her in more ways than she can imagine. By the best-selling author of Eight Hundred Grapes.

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His Guilt by Shelley Shepard Gray
His Guilt
Returning to the Amish community that wrongly blamed him for an assault two years earlier, Mark protects the only woman who believed him, Neeta, who wonders at the identity of the real culprit in the wake of new attacks. By the award-winning author of Her Secret. Amish of Hart County No. 2

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The Last Laugh by Lynn Freed
The Last Laugh
When their empty-nest freedom is compromised by the demands of their grandchildren, three friends embark on a year-long excursion to Greece that is complicated by an extramarital affair, a stalking client, an ex and an unscrupulous fortune-hunter. By the author of The Servants' Quarters.

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Less by Andrew Sean Greer
Receiving an invitation to his ex-boyfriend's wedding, Arthur, a failed novelist on the eve of his 50th birthday, embarks on an international journey that finds him falling in love, risking his life, reinventing himself and making connections with the past. By the author of The Confessions of Max Tivoli.

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Made for Love by Alissa Nutting
Made for Love
Moving to a senior citizen trailer park with her father and his lifelike sex doll, Hazel, the estranged wife of a monolithic corporate CEO who demanded she install a brain chip so that they could be constantly connected, tries to carve out a new life while her ex uses sophisticated technology to stalk her.

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Minecraft the Island by Max Brooks
Minecraft the Island
An official tie-in to the globally popular video game traces the story of a new hero stranded in the world of Minecraft who must survive a harsh environment while unraveling the secrets of a mysterious island. By the best-selling author of World War Z.

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Moving Kings by Joshua Cohen
Moving Kings
Completing their compulsory military service in the Israel Defense Forces, 21-year-olds Yoav and Uri take off a traditional year for rest, recovery and travel in New York City, where a repossession job with a proud Jewish-American relative forces them to reacclimate to civilian life under violent conditions. By the author of Book of Numbers.

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The New Annotated Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Ed, foreword & notes by Leslie S. Klinger. Intro by Guillermo del Toro. Afterword by Anne K. Mellor.
The New Annotated Frankenstein
A comprehensively annotated, lavishly illustrated edition of Mary Shelley's classic accounts for variations between the 1818 and 1831 versions of the text and offers insights into its hidden mythological dimensions.

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The Reason You're Alive by Matthew Quick
The Reason You're Alive
Surviving a brain tumor linked to a wartime chemical exposure, David resolves to return a stolen object to a former Native American soldier from his past as part of an effort to find closure and recover from his wife's untimely death. By the award-winning author of The Silver Linings Playbook.

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Refuge by Dina Nayeri
An Iranian girl who escaped to America as a child grows up through 20 transformative years from a confused immigrant to an overachieving Westerner, before the plight of refugees in Europe compels the girl to save her father.

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The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen by Hendrik Groen. Trans by Hester Velmans.
The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen
The riotous journal of an octogenarian who is far from reaching the end of his life traces a year in his care home in Amsterdam, revealing the ups and downs of his misadventures with the anarchic "Old-But-Not-Dead Club" and a longtime crush whom he courted to devastating effect.

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South Pole Station by Ashley Shelby
South Pole Station
Unexpectedly qualifying for an unusual job with the National Science Foundation South Pole Station's Artists & Writers Program, Cooper Gosling, unmoored by a recent family tragedy, journeys to Antarctica and engages in a comedy of errors with a group of fellow misfits motivated by desires as ambiguous as her own.

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The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg
The Story of Arthur Truluv
Making daily visits to the grave of his beloved late wife, Arthur forges unexpected relationships with a nosy neighbor and a troubled teen who dubs him "Truluv" before the trio discovers healing and family together. By the best-selling author of Open House.

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Swimming with Bridgeport Girls by Anthony Tambakis
Swimming with Bridgeport Girls
Fired from his ESPN job after one too many public humiliations, a charismatic gambler reevaluates his circumstances while outmaneuvering the police and a murderous bookie, only to receive an unexpected inheritance that triggers his effort to win back his ex in accordance with a misremembered ending of The Great Gatsby. A first novel.

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What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons
What We Lose
Raised in America, the multiracial daughter of a mother from Johannesburg struggles with her mother's terminal cancer and her own need to find love and a place to belong, quests shaped by losses, changes in her sense of identity and unexpected motherhood. A first novel.

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Who Is Rich? by Matthew Klam
Who Is Rich?
Meeting at an artist and writers' conference in a charming seaside village, a moderately famous cartoonist and a narrative painter who shared an extramarital moment of passion the summer before endure the unraveling of their lives when they resume their relationship. By the author of Sam the Cat.

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The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase
The Wildling Sisters
Anticipating a quiet English country summer upon arriving at Applecote Manor in 1959, 15-year-old Margot and her three sisters find their aunt and uncle still reeling from the disappearance of their cousin five years earlier until Margot is inexplicably drawn into the life her cousin left behind.

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An Arizona Christmas by William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone
An Arizona Christmas
When the Jensens decide to get together in Tucson for Christmas, their opportunity for holiday cheer is put in jeopardy when a blinding sandstorm, an Apache ambush and a gang outlaws put members of their clan in danger. By a pair of national best-selling authors.

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Careers for Women by Joanna Scott
Careers for Women
A tale exploring the long-term consequences of one's decisions follows the experiences of a mid-20th-century New York Port Authority public-relations worker under the tutelage of legendary publicist whose newest protégé goes missing amid rumors about a devastating secret from the past. By the Pulitzer Prize-finalist author of The Manikin.

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The Chuckwagon Trail by William W. Johnstone / J. A. Johnstone
The Chuckwagon Trail
A pair of national best-selling authors present the first book in a exciting new western series.

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Grace by Paul Lynch
Thrown out of her home after having her hair cut to make her look like a boy, Grace, accompanied by her younger brother, embarks on a life-changing odyssey in the looming shadow of Ireland's Great Famine. By the award-winning author of The Black Snow.

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Hum If You Don't Know the Words by Bianca Marais
Hum If You Don't Know the Words
Growing up living parallel but very different lives built on apartheid in 1970s Johannesburg, a white girl from a secure family and a Xhosa widow in a rural village meet by chance in the wake of The Soweto Uprising, during which the girl's parents are killed and the widow's daughter goes missing. A first novel.

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The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo by Ian Stansel
The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo
A justice-fueled race across the wilds of Northern California reveals the hardscrabble youth and fateful experiences of a preeminent horse trainer who has been murdered by his jealous brother. A first novel.

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The Library of Light and Shadow by M. J. Rose
The Library of Light and Shadow
Sought by society patrons who admire her ability to create stunning "shadow portraits" revealing her subjects' most scandalous secrets, a mystical artist in 1925 Manhattan renounces her gift in the wake of a tragedy and flees to southern France, where she confronts toxic people from her past. By the best-selling author of The Secret Language of Stones. Daughters of La Lune No. 3

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The Lightkeeper's Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol
The Lightkeeper's Daughters
Filling her days with music and memories after the devastating loss of her eyesight, Elizabeth is forced to confront a painful past in the aftermath of her father's death, a situation that leads to a bond with a delinquent teen companion who helps her explore her grandfather's early years as a lighthouse keeper.

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The Necklace by Claire McMillan
The Necklace
Inheriting a stunning Indian necklace, black sheep Nell is targeted by worldly relatives before turning for support to an ambitious estate lawyer who uncovers the necklace's story in a family love triangle as it unfolded in the manors, palaces and speakeasies visited by her early-20th-century ancestors.

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Where the Light Falls: A Novel of the French Revolution by Allison Pataki & Owen Pataki
Where the Light Falls
An idealistic young lawyer, a nobleman's son eager to shed his life of privilege and an independence-seeking widow become inextricably linked in post-Revolution Paris, where violence and instability threaten to undo the uprising's progress. Co-written by the best-selling author of Sisi.

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Mystery & Detective

Another Man's Ground by Claire Booth
Another Man's Ground
A follow-up to The Branson Beauty finds new sheriff Hank Worth investigating the theft of valuable bark from a property owner's stand of herbal trees, a case that is complicated by a local election, a group of undocumented immigrants and the discovery of a murder victim in the Ozark backwoods. Sheriff Hank Worth No. 2

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City of Masks by S. D. Sykes
City of Masks
Delayed in mid-14th-century Venice while preparing to embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Lord Somershill falls under the spell of an island estate marking an intersection between the East and West before the murder of a man at a carnival draws him into an investigation that exposes dangerous personal secrets. Somershill Manor No. 3

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Cold Hearted River by Keith McCafferty
Cold Hearted River
Sheriff Martha Ettinger reunites with erstwhile lover and private detective Sean Stranahan to investigate the suspicious death of a woman whose demise may be linked to a local fly-fishing club and priceless collectibles believed to have once belonged to literary master Ernest Hemingway. By the award-winning author of Crazy Mountain Kiss. Sean Stranahan No. 6

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Collared by David Rosenfelt
Astonished when an anonymously surrendered dog is linked to the kidnapping of a baby more than two years earlier, canine rescuer and lawyer Andy Carpenter reopens the case to search for the stolen child and determine if the right person was sent to jail. By the award-winning author of Outfoxed. Andy Carpenter No. 14

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A Dark So Deadly by Stuart MacBride
A Dark So Deadly
Stuck on a squad with all the other officers no one else wants, but who can’t be fired, DC Callum MacGregor and his colleagues accidentally get handed the biggest murder investigation Oldcastle has ever seen and work together to solve the case and bring a serial killer to swift justice.

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Deadfall by Linda A. Fairstein
Investigating the drive-by murder of a high-profile city employee, assistant district attorney Alexandra Cooper teams up with NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace to search for answers in secret societies, a big-game hunting operation, the illegal animal trade and covert government deals. Alexandra Cooper No. 19

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A Distant View of Everything by Alexander McCall Smith
A Distant View of Everything
The arrival of a second child for amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie is complicated by her four-year-old's lack of enthusiasm and a matchmaker's request for help with a couple whose prospects have been overshadowed by sinister revelations. By the best-selling author of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. Isabel Dalhousie No. 11

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Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo
Down a Dark Road
When an Amish man convicted for murdering his wife eight years earlier escapes and abducts his five children, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder races to the scene only to be ambushed by the man, who implores her to prove his innocence. By the award-winning author of Sworn to Silence. Kate Burkholder No. 9

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Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey
Let the Dead Speak
Investigating the suspected murder of a West London woman whose home was found covered in blood, detective Maeve Kerrigan and her homicide team struggle to piece together the testimonies of suspicious neighbors, including an ultra-religious family that is hiding something and a local ne'er-do-well who was once accused of stabbing a classmate. Maeve Kerrigan No. 7

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The Lies We Tell by Theresa Schwegel
The Lies We Tell
Hiding her multiple sclerosis from her department because of her need to support a young family member, a Chicago police officer struggles with the truth when she attempts to track down a suspect who knows her secret. By the Edgar Award-winning author of Officer Down.

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Need You Dead by Peter James
Need You Dead
Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police investigates the murder of a woman in a love nest where she'd been having an affair. Roy Grace No. 13

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Once Upon a Spine by Kate Carlisle
Once Upon a Spine
A visit by in-laws, a plan to demolish the charming shops across the street in favor of a high-rise, a string of petty vandalism and a dispute over a rare book overwhelm Brooklyn and Derek, who become embroiled in the case of a suspicious death. By the best-selling author of the Fixer-Upper mysteries. Bibliophile Mysteries No. 11

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The Painted Queen by Elizabeth Peters & Joan Hess
The Painted Queen
When a stranger bursts into her elegant Cairo hotel suite and dies from injuries sustained during an interrupted assassination attempt on her life, Amelia Peabody and her husband, Emerson, witness the discovery of one of the most precious Egyptian artifacts while navigating the murderous activities of master-of-disguise, Sethos. Amelia Peabody No. 20

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Paradise Valley by C. J. Box
Paradise Valley
Setting a trap for a serial killer she has hunted for three years, investigator Cassie Dewell is disgraced when the operation goes horribly wrong, a situation that is further complicated by the loss of her job, the disappearance of a troubled youth and her determination to catch the killer at any cost. Cassie Dewell No. 3

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Penance of the Damned by Peter Tremayne
Penance of the Damned
Shocked to learn that a loyal advisor to the king has been murdered in an enemy fortress and that the chief suspect is scheduled to be brutally executed, Fidelma is challenged to sift through overwhelming evidence to clear the suspect's name and identify the true killer. Mysteries of Ancient Ireland No. 27

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Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner
Persons Unknown
Enduring cold-case work as the price she must pay for a transfer back to Cambridgeshire and a better work-life balance, pregnant detective Manon Bradshaw becomes unwittingly embroiled in the murder of her former brother-in-law when the case threatens her family and pits her against close colleagues. DS Manon No. 2

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The Smack by Richard Lange
The Smack
Forming a partnership with a prostitute who would find other ways to survive, a down-on-his-luck con man recklessly agrees to a friend's request to orchestrate a theft in a Los Angeles apartment, where a crew of soldiers is reputed to have stashed millions in cash smuggled out of Afghanistan. By the award-winning author of Angel Baby.

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The State Counsellor by Boris Akunin
The State Counsellor
When the new governor-general of 1891 Siberia is secreted away on a train to Moscow only to be assassinated by a man pretending to be State Counsellor Erast Fandorin, the real Fandorin must navigate government corruption and the activities of an unknown enemy in order to find the real killer and clear his own name. Fandorin No. 6

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A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson
A Talent for Murder
Distracted by revelations about her husband's affair, writer Agatha Christie is interrupted during a visit to her London literary agent by an insidious blackmailer who would manipulate her into committing a murder. By the award-winning author of The Lying Tongue.

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The Third Nero by Lindsey Davis
The Third Nero
When another Nero pretender emerges to challenge the Emperor in 90 A.D., Flavia Alba reluctantly sets aside her wedding plans to investigate high-ranking officials who may or may not be supporting Saturninus. By the best-selling author of The Silver Pigs. Flavia Albia No. 5

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Tornado Weather by Deborah E. Kennedy
Tornado Weather
When a disabled 5-year-old goes missing while wheeling herself the short distance between her school bus and home, small-town secrets and suspicions collide as the pieces of what is known are put together. A first novel.

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Beautiful Tempest by Johanna Lindsey
Beautiful Tempest
While the Malory and Anderson families set aside longtime rivalries to hunt down a man who has abducted James and Georgina's beloved daughter, Jack, from her American debutante party, Jack discovers that her captor is an alluring nobleman who would settle an old score against her father. Malory-Anderson Family No. 12

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Dark Rites by Heather Graham
Dark Rites
When an unknown assailant begins viciously beating random strangers including her history professor friend, who has gone missing, Vickie Preston teams up with special agent Griffin Pryce in the wake of terrifying visions that suggest that a cult is responsible for the attack. Krewe of Hunters No. 22

Reserve a copy of Dark Rites

Indigo Lake by Jodi Thomas
Indigo Lake
Unexpectedly inheriting a Texas ranch, Blade learns about a long-standing feud between his family and their neighbors before falling for a young woman from the enemy clan, who in spite of being raised to hate him is unable to ignore their instant connection. By the author of Sunrise Crossing. Ransom Canyon No. 6

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The Nearness of You by Dorothy Garlock
The Nearness of You
A sheltered librarian in a mid-20th century small-town community finds her secret wish for adventure granted in unexpected ways by a reckless but alluring photographer who changes her life by taking her picture at the height of a local fall festival. By the best-selling author of Twice in a Lifetime.

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The One I've Waited For by Mary B. Morrison
The One I've Waited For
Mercedes resolves to hold onto her hard-won life when the man she married for security begins to fall in love with a manipulative mistress, while her television star sister, Devereaux, is shattered by revelations about her fiancé. A first novel. Crystal No. 3

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Secrets of the Tulip Sisters: A Captivating Story About Sisters, Secrets and Second Chances by Susan Mallery
Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
Estranged by their mother's abandonment and their own secrets, sisters Kelly and Olivia harbor longtime crushes for popular brothers Griffith and Ryan, whose return a decade after high school leads to embarrassing memories, unexpected disillusionment and romantic closure.

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Some Kind of Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
Some Kind of Hero
Rendered a single parent by his ex's accidental death, a former Navy SEAL moves to San Diego to start over only to see his daughter associating with a bad crowd before going missing, a situation that leads to a frantic search and a promising romance with a resourceful neighbor. By the award-winning author of Into the Storm. Troubleshooters No. 19

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Sun at Midnight by Rosie Thomas
Sun at Midnight
After her relationship with an artist collapses, Alice flees her life as a scientist at Oxford for the beautiful but unforgiving environment of Antarctica, where she shares a small research base with another woman and eight men, one of whom is shrouded in danger and mystery. By the best-selling author of The Kashmir Shawl.

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Worth the Wait by Lori Foster
Worth the Wait
A chef and single father hides his attraction to an opinionated restaurant manager who challenges him in professional and personal ways, while a sheriff who would leave a painful past behind becomes unexpectedly involved with a mysterious new neighbor. Guthrie Brothers No. 2

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Story Collections

The Graybar Hotel: Stories by Curtis Dawkins
The Graybar Hotel: Stories
A debut collection by an MFA graduate and convicted murderer serving life without parole shares insights into the idiosyncrasies, tedium and desperation of extended imprisonment through the stories of inmates who struggle to keep their souls intact in spite of the challenges they face.

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Knots: Stories by Gunnhild Øyehaug. Trans by Kari Dickson.
Knots: Stories
A U.S. release of a radical collection of short stories by one of Norway's most celebrated authors explores the complicated entanglements of love and desire as reflected by characters ranging from a man with an uncuttable umbilical cord who spends a life tethered to his mother, to a tipsy uncle whose toast has unexpected consequences.

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A Life of Adventure and Delight by Akhil Sharma
A Life of Adventure and Delight
An anthology of dramatic, darkly comic tales by the award-winning author of Family Life explores the unpredictable workings of the human heart and the ways in which people engage in self-deceptive and eccentric behaviors in their efforts to do good and pursue meaningful relationships.

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Madame Zero: 9 Stories by Sarah Hall
Madame Zero: 9 Stories
A collection of nine stories by the award-winning author of The Wolf Border explores the human soul and female experience in such tales as the award-winning, "Mrs. Fox," in which a married woman transforms into a vulpine; and "Case Study 2," in which a social worker struggles with a foster child raised in a commune.

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Beautiful Animals by Lawrence Osborne
Beautiful Animals
Taking in a stranger who is suffering from exposure during a white-hot summer on the Greek island of Hydra, the daughter of a wealthy art collector and her friend, an American vacationer, discover the man's story before their act of altruism takes a dangerous turn that exposes their true loyalties. By the author of Hunters in the Dark.

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Blame by Jeff Abbott
The award-winning author of the Sam Capra thrillers presents a new stand-alone novel of psychological suspense.

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The Boy Who Saw by Simon Toyne
The Boy Who Saw
Possessing no clues to his identity save a tailored jacket with his name stitched on a label, an amnesiac journeys to France in search of the jacket's tailor only to be implicated in a hate crime targeting the survivors of a notorious Nazi death camp. Solomon Creed No. 2

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The Breakdown by B. A. Paris
The Breakdown
Unable to forget a murder she witnessed when she was where she was not supposed to be, Cass struggles with an increasingly compromised memory before she begins receiving silent, sinister phone calls. By the best-selling author of Behind Closed Doors.

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The Devil's Muse by Bill Loehfelm
The Devil's Muse
Returning to the New Orleans Police Department after completing her work with the FBI, Maureen Coughlin tackles the challenges of her first Mardi Gras season, marked by a public shooting rampage, drama-seeking social media videographers, an incompetent detective and complicated race relations. By the author of The Devil She Knows. Maureen Coughlin No. 5

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Domina by L. S. Hilton
A sequel to the best-selling Maestra finds femme fatale Judith Rashleigh on the run when she is wrongly implicated for a murder and targeted by the owner of a stolen masterpiece who compels her to maneuver the underworld landscapes of wealth from St. Mortiz to Serbia. Maestra No. 2

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Don't Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon
Don't Close Your Eyes
A shut-in who meddles in her neighbors' lives and her twin, whose secrets have separated her from her husband and child, reevaluate complex family dynamics that have led to their respective circumstances before their lives are shattered by terrible revelations.

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Every Day Above Ground by Glen Erik Hamilton
Every Day Above Ground
Searching for a fortune in hidden gold revealed to him by a terminally ill ex-con, Van Shaw is compelled to rescue the man's innocent daughter from a mysterious predator with ties to an illegal bare-knuckle fighting ring and darker underworld operations. By the award-winning author of Past Crimes. Van Shaw No. 3

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The Fallen by Ace Atkins
The Fallen
Investigating a series of bank robberies that have been orchestrated with skill and precision worthy of a military raid, Mississippi sheriff and former Army Ranger Quinn Colson calls on old allies and new enemies in his effort to outmaneuver a sophisticated band of elite criminals. By the Edgar Award-nominated author of The Lost Ones. Quinn Colson No. 7

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Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
Fierce Kingdom
Trapped in a closed zoo after witnessing a life-shattering event, a woman and her four-year-old son navigate the zoo's hidden pathways and under-renovation exhibits to stay ahead of a dangerous adversary who tests their survival and the limits of the mother-child bond. By the author of The Well and the Mine.

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Final Girls by Riley Sager
Final Girls
Emerging a lone survivor of a serial killer's massacre a decade earlier, a former college student struggles to ignore traumatic memories and move on as one of a group of other survivors who look to her for answers when one of them is found dead in a suspicious suicide.

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Flashmob by Christopher Farnsworth
Gifted troubleshooter John Smith, introduced in the acclaimed thriller Killfile, must take down a shadowy figure who has weaponized the internet, using social media to put a price on the heads of his targets. John Smith No. 2

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A Game of Ghosts by John Connolly
A Game of Ghosts
Tapped by the FBI to search for a missing private detective who had been tracking a series of murders linked to reports of hauntings, Charlie Parker infiltrates a paranormal criminal empire that makes pawns out of both innocent and guilty people. Charlie Parker No. 15

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Hook's Tale: Being the Account of an Unjustly Villainized Pirate Written by Himself by John Leonard Pielmeier
Hook's Tale
A first novel by a Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter reimagines the childhood of a much-maligned Captain Hook, who recounts his quest for buried treasure, his friendship with Peter Pan and the story behind the swashbuckling world of Neverland.

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House of Spies by Daniel Silva
House of Spies
A latest entry in the best-selling series continues the adventures of Israeli assassin and art restorer-turned-spy Gabriel Allon. By the author of The Black Widow. Gabriel Allon No. 17

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The Last Hack by Christopher Brookmyre
The Last Hack
A teen forced to set aside her college ambitions to care for a younger sibling while their mother is in prison is blackmailed by an online predator and must turn for help to reporter Jack Parlabane, whose debt to a person on the wrong side of the law could cost him everything. By the award-winning author of Quite Ugly One Morning. Jack Parlabane No. 8

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The Late Show by Michael Connelly
The Late Show
Relegated to the night shift after filing a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor, a once up-and-coming LAPD detective disobeys orders by refusing to walk away from two cases, including an assault on a prostitute and the death of a young woman in a nightclub shooting. By the best-selling author of The Crossing. Renée Ballard No. 1

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Look Behind You by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen
Look Behind You
Cooperating with the FBI when a serial killer begins leaving mysterious relics at his crime scenes, Kendra Michaels discovers that the objects are souvenirs from other unsolved murders and that the new killings have been orchestrated to taunt her personally. Kendra Michaels No. 5

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The Lost Ones by Sheena Kamal
The Lost Ones
Contacted by the desperate adoptive parents of the child she gave up 15 years earlier, Nora teams up with her mutt companion and embarks on a search through the streets of Vancouver only become enmeshed in a puzzling conspiracy. A first novel.

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LoveMurder by Saul Black
Investigating an eerily familiar crime scene before discovering a note written in the style of a killer she helped put away six years earlier, San Francisco Homicide detective Valerie Hart is forced to ask the imprisoned psychopath to help capture a copycat. By the author of The Killing Lessons. Valerie Hart No. 2

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The Lying Game by Ruth Ware
The Lying Game
In the wake of a woman's horrifying discovery of human remains along a scenic tidal estuary, the members of a once-inseparable clique from a second-rate boarding school near the English Channel reflect on their participation in a dangerous game of deception that contributed to the death of a teacher. By the best-selling author of In a Dark, Dark Wood.

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The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond
The Marriage Pact
Picture-perfect newlyweds are unexpectedly initiated into a mysterious organization designed to keep marriages happy and intact by enforcing seemingly thoughtful rules that become increasingly exacting and subject to brutal enforcement. By the award-winning author of The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress.

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Moskva by Jack Grimwood
When the headstrong teen daughter of the British Ambassador in Cold War Moscow goes missing a week after a young man is found murdered in Red Square, army intelligence officer Tom Fox seeks redemption by agreeing to track her down, a case that is challenged by Soviet secrets and threats against the girl's father.

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Part of the Silence by Debbie Howells
Part of the Silence
After being left for dead, Evie Sherman only remembers her own name and her daughter, Angel, whom she believes is in grave danger, and—armed with a phrase that is stuck in her mind, "Trust no one"—she navigates the uncertainty of her mind in hopes of determining what is really going on. By the international best-selling author of The Bones of You.

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The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham
The Secrets She Keeps
A seemingly chance friendship between a successful parenting blogger and an unmarried grocery store clerk, both of whom are expecting babies the same month, is shattered by obsession, terrible secrets and a shocking kidnapping plot. By the award-winning author of Life or Death.

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Ten Dead Comedians: A Murder Mystery by Fred Van Lente
Ten Dead Comedians
A first novel by the co-author of the graphic novel, Cowboys and Aliens, traces the experiences of nine comedians of various acclaim who arrive on the deserted island retreat of a legendary Hollywood funnyman before discovering that they are marooned without cell phone or wifi and that someone in the group is killing the others.

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Three Minutes by Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström
Three Minutes
A stand-alone sequel to the best-selling Three Seconds finds homicide detective Ewert Grens and undercover criminal informant Piet Hoffmann maintaining unofficial contact while outmaneuvering a Colombian drug cartel that raises the stakes by kidnapping the U.S. Speaker of the House. Grens & Sundkvist No. 7

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Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
Two Nights
A stand-alone thriller by the best-selling author of the Temperance Brennan series introduces Sunday Night, a woman whose secret past has left her with scars and a killer instinct that proves helpful to a desperate family in the wake of a bomb explosion and a girl's disappearance.

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Vector by James Abel
A scientist's investigation into different strains of malaria during a gold rush in the Amazon is interrupted by the mysterious disappearances of his partner and several miners, a situation that is further complicated by a pandemic outbreak, terrorist threats and a world-changing revelation. By the author of White Plague. Joe Rush No. 4

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