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Reading with Rover


My name is Jed!

I’m a Golden Retriever. I was born about 5 years ago. No one knows for sure my age or real birth date. I was abandoned on a ranch in Utah; luckily the nice ranchers turned me in to the Golden Retriever Rescue, so I could get adopted.

When my family adopted me they gave me my own special day! We celebrate that day, June 16th as my birthday or as mom says my “gotcha day!”

At home, I have two older dog sisters and one younger dog brother. Even though we all came from different mothers and fathers, we are all one big happy family! Moses, my brother, was adopted Easter of 2011 when he was just 6 months old.

Reading with Rover Jed

Moses is my best bud! We do everything together. We love to wrestle, play tug of war, and cuddle together during naps. Our mom Cindy takes us for hikes in the desert. I love going on desert hikes. There I can do my most favorite thing in the world…CHASE LIZARDS! Actually, I like to chase rabbits too! But, I never chase cats! My foster home (before I was adopted) had little kittens. I liked them so much I gave them kisses.

Usually I’m a pretty quiet dog. Except mornings! Do you have something you like doing every morning? I do! I gather up as many toys in my mouth as possible and then I walk around the house talking. Have you ever tried talking with something in your mouth? It’s not easy! My family laughs at me and my “muttering!”

My mom Cindy says I’m a special dog. I go to public events with her as an ambassador for rescued dogs. I’ve even been invited to stores to help raise money for animal rescues. I want to spread the word on how important it is to adopt from shelters and rescue groups. I mean look at me! If my family had not adopted me my life would be very different! Mom says I make people smile when they meet me! I hope I can make you smile! Can’t wait to meet you and hear you read great stories!