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September's Teen Titles PDF

All in Pieces by Suzanne Young
All in Pieces
Sent to an alternative high school after an event that stemmed from caring for a special-needs sibling, Savannah bonds with fellow newcomer Cameron while struggling to retain custody of her brother and navigate a vengeful ex. By the best-selling author of The Program series.

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The Amateurs by Sara Shepard
The Amateurs
Investigating the cold-case disappearance that first inspired her ambition to become a detective, Seneca
Frazier teams up with fellow enthusiasts to investigate suspicious activity in a trendy community filled with dark secrets and shocking betrayals.

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Avalanche by Melinda Braun
When a deadly avalanche traps their group of thrillseeking cross-country skiers in an abandoned cabin near a Rocky Mountain pass, Matt is challenged to overcome deadly environmental elements, mountain lions and limited supplies to bring them all to safety. A first novel.

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Avenged by E. E. Cooper
Kalah risks everything pretending to be the best friend of Beth’s killer in order to exact revenge, in a psychologically charged conclusion to the tale that began in Vanished. Vanished No. 2

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The Battle of Hackham Heath by John A. Flanagan
The Battle of Hackham Heath
An origin story featuring fan favorite ranger Halt brings readers to a time before Will was an apprentice and shares the stories behind the series’ epic battles. Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years No. 2

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Bad Blood by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Battle of Hackham Heathz
Questioning everything she believed when she makes an astounding discovery, FBI Naturals team member Cassie races to uncover the secrets of a group that has been committing assassinations for generations. Naturals series No. 4

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The Best Possible Answer by E. Katherine Kottaras
The Best Possible Answer
When an unscrupulous boyfriend leaks racy photographs of her at the same time her parents announce their divorce, perfectionist Viviana finds her college ambitions crumbling around her and takes a humble job alongside a boy who encourages her to trust again.

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Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin
Blood for Blood
Fleeing after being seen killing Hitler, skinshifter and death camp survivor Yael and her unlikely comrades venture deep into enemy territory to turn the tide against the New Order, discovering terrible truths along the way. By the author of The Walled City. Wolf by Wolf No. 2

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The Boomerang Effect by Gordon Jack
The Boomerang Effect
Threatened with reform school unless he participates in a mentorship program after a prank gone awry, high school junior and resident stoner Lawrence counsels a highly intelligent Norwegian exchange student during a disastrous, chicken-themed homecoming week.

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Dan and Phil Go Outside by Dan Howell & Phil Lester
Dan and Phil Go Outside
Since uploading their first-ever videos as teenagers, Dan and Phil have become two of the world’s biggest YouTube stars, and now the humorous avoiders of human contact and direct sunlight have actually gone outside! While traveling around the world on tour, they have collected hundreds of exclusive, intimate and funny photos, as well as revealing and candid side-notes, to show the behind-the-scenes story of their adventure.

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Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys
Dead Girls Society
Tired of feeling overprotected because of her cystic fi brosis, Hope jumps at a chance for excitement when she receives an invitation to join a mysterious group that promises cash rewards in exchange for competing in a few dares. By the author of Hexed.

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Dial Em for Murder by Marni Bates
Dial Em for Murder
Receiving a cryptic warning from an old man who promptly dies in front of her, Emmy, a teen writer of romance novels, discovers that the man may have died saving her and that he held knowledge that others are willing to kill to suppress. By the author of Marni.

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Die for You by Amy Fellner Dominy
Die for You
Moving halfway across Arizona after her parents’ divorce, high school senior Emma falls hard for a boy who creates a blueprint for a shared future that looks very different from that of her original dream and who compels her to consider diffi cult sacrifices when he spirals down into a dark and uncertain place.

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The Door That Led to Where by Sally Gardner
The Door That Led to Where
Accepting a legal clerk position after failing out of school, AJ receives an old key labeled with his birth date before discovering a portal to the past, where he and his scrappy friends investigate a 200-year-old crime. By the award-winning author of Maggot Moon.

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Double Eclipse by Melissa de la Cruz
Double Eclipse
A sequel to Triple Moon finds twin witches Mardi and Molly embarking on another summer in North Hampton, where their efforts to avoid trouble are challenged by the revelation of an old family secret and the arrival of a troublemaking newcomer. Summer on East End No. 2

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Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley
Fate of Flames
Inheriting their generation’s unique powers to control the elements when nightmarish phantoms begin terrorizing the world, four girls are elevated to celebrity status before protective technologies in New York City fail, prompting their confrontation with the first human villain they
have ever faced. Effigies No. 1

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Flashfall by Jenny Moyer
Forced to mine underground beside other subpar humans in a world stricken by radiation poisoning, 16-year-old Orion searches for an element that prevents radiation sickness before learning a terrible secret that challenges everything she has ever known. A first novel.

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Flip the Bird by Kym Brunner
Flip the Bird
Determined to prove himself to his master falconer father by working with a spirited red-tailed hawk in the weeks before the hunting season, Mercer falls in love with a bubbly girl before discovering that her family belongs to a fanatical animal-rights organization that would put an end to falconry. By the author of One Smart Cookie.

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Four-Four-Two by Dean Hughes
A high-action tale based on the lesser-known history of the Japanese Americans who fought with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II follows the experiences of a young Japanese-American soldier who confronts dangerous conditions in his segregated regiment while his family endures life in an internment camp.

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Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell
Frozen Charlotte
Moving into her uncle’s home after the death of her best friend, 15-year-old Sophie endures strict rules and is forbidden to talk about the loss of a young cousin before discovering terrible secrets about the house’s past as a malevolent academy for girls.

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Gap Life by John Coy
Gap Life
Deciding to take a gap year between high school and college due to feeling that his parents’ expectations about education and a medical career are not right for him, Cray befriends Rayne, a girl also taking a gap year, who helps him find an eye-opening job at a home for patients with developmental disabilities. By the author of Crackback.

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The Girl in the Picture by Alexandra Monir
The Girl in the Picture
A suspenseful tale by the author of Timeless follows the dual perspectives of two girls: one whose boyfriend has been murdered and her best friend, who may or may not have been having a secret relationship with the victim.

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Girls in the Moon by Janet McNally
Girls in the Moon
Searching for a sense of identity in a rock-star family marked by selective truth-telling, Phoebe secretly writes the story of her romance with a musician during a visit to New York. A fi rst YA novel by the award-winning author of Some Girls.

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Heartfire by Kate A. Boorman
Pursuing a cure for the deadly Bleed sickness in the hopes of securing Matisa’s people from Dominion forces, Emmeline and Matisa return to the
stifling settlement Em spent her whole life trying to escape and resolve to prove that she is no longer Stained. Winterkill series No. 3

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Heartless by Marissa Meyer
A stand-alone prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by the best-selling author of the Lunar Chronicles, follows the story of the Queen of Hearts, whose talent for baking and love for a mysterious court joker confl ict with her mother’s ambitions to make her a queen.

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Hellfighters by Alexander Gordon Smith
On the run from a powerful enemy in the wake of a monstrous betrayal, Marlow, Pan and the other Hellraisers are forced to consider terrible choices in order to prevent the annihilation of their world. By the author of The Fury. Devil’s Engine No. 2

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Infinity by Jus Accardo
A first entry in a new series by the best-selling author of the Touch novels follows the experiences of the teen daughter of an army general who is placed under the watch of two military supervisors after an act of defiance and who is targeted by a vengeful killer in retaliation for a mysterious invention her father created.

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The Infinity of You & Me by J. Q. Coyle
The Infinity of You & Me
Experiencing profound hallucinations of alternate worlds completely unlike that which she shares with her single mom and best friend, Alicia, a girl with a deep connection to poet Sylvia Plath, has an encounter with her long-lost father who reveals the truth about the alternate worlds and her relationship with a boy trapped in a dying universe.

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Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity by Kristin Elizabeth Clark
Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity
A transgender teen who was a boy when she last saw her estranged father embarks on a road trip halfway across the country with her best friend to attend her father’s wedding, an adventure that reveals personal truths about the traveling pair and their feelings for one another. By the award-winning author of Freakboy.

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Merrow by Ananda Braxton-Smith
Enduring whispers about her absent mother’s alleged merrow origins after her father drowns, 12-year-old Neen questions her identity as she becomes increasingly torn between the worlds of the sea and her island home.

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A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray
A Million Worlds With You
A conclusion to the popular trilogy finds Marguerite confronting her evil alternate-dimension doppelganger while singlehandedly combating the Triad to prevent the destruction of the multiverse. By the best-selling author of the Evernight series. Firebird No. 3

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My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier
My Sister Rosa
Recognizing that his beloved 10-year-old sister is a troubled child who is becoming increasingly more violent, 17-year-old Che becomes alarmed when his dismissive parents move the family to New York City, where his sister spirals out of control. By the award-winning author of Razorhurst.

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The Nerdy and the Dirty by B. T. Gottfred
The Nerdy and the Dirty
When a twist of fate bonds a nerdy genius, who is trying to secure his social status with a worthy girlfriend, and a popular girl, who hides a secret sex addiction, the pair struggles to overcome their differences at a vacation resort during their winter break. By the author of Forever for a Year.

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Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst. Illus by Jordan Saia.
Of FIre and Stars
A girl betrothed since childhood to a handsome prince to seal an alliance between their kingdoms hides her magical affi nity for wielding fire powers while falling unexpectedly in love with her intended’s prickly sister.

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The Romantics by Leah Konen
The Romantics
When a boy’s fi rst big relationship crumbles on the heels of his parents’ painful separation, a meddling Love intervenes in order to set things right but fails to anticipate the intrusion of her dreaded nemesis, Rebound.

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Saving Hamlet by Molly Booth
Saving Hamlet
Excitedly embarking on her sophomore year and her assistant stage manager duties for the drama club’s production of Hamlet, Emma endures social drama before being transported back to the year 1601, where she is mistaken for a boy and put to work by the bard himself.

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Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Forced to become trained killers in a disease-free world where people can only die if eliminated by professional assassins, teens Citra and Rowan reluctantly train under a master reaper who informs them that the one who successfully kills the other will become his apprentice. By the best-selling author of the Unwind dystology.

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Seriously Shifted by Tina Connolly
Seriously Shifted
A follow-up to Seriously Wicked finds reluctant teen witch Cam forced to practice her powers and stay in the good graces of her crush when a trio of her mother’s wicked witch friends decide to wreak havoc in her high school. By the award-winning author of Ironskin.

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The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson
The Silent Songbird
Longing for a life away from the politically driven royal court, Evangeline runs away to escape marriage to a loathsome man and pretends to be a lowly servant only to fall in love with the son of a wealthy lord who cannot forgive her deception. By the award-winning author of The Healer’s Apprentice.

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Stay With Me by Mila Gray
Stay With Me
Caring for a wounded marine at a California military hospital, intern Didi risks her job and a prior relationship by giving in to her feelings for the traumatized soldier, who does not believe in love. By the author of Come Back to Me.

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The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
The Sun Is Also a Star
A scientifically minded girl who avoids relationships to help keep her family from being deported and a dutiful student who endeavors to live up to his parents’ high expectations unexpectedly fall in love and must determine which path they will choose in order to be together. By the  best-selling author of Everything, Everything.

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Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy
Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy

Available in print for the first time with 10 new original comic illustrations, a best-selling collection of short stories chronicling the adventures of Simon Lewis as he trains to become a shadowhunter includes writing contributions by Sarah Reese Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman.

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Timekeeper by Tara Sim
A young clockwork prodigy in an alternate world controlled by clock towers that can literally stop time if broken is assigned to a town with  problematic clocks, where he enters into a forbidden relationship with a clock spirit and races against time to save those he loves.

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Trouble Makes a Comeback by Stephanie Tromly
Trouble Makes a Comeback
A sequel to Trouble Is a Friend of Mine fi nds Zoe enjoying a quiet, normal teenage life only to have it upended by the alluring Philip Digby’s return with a new over-the-top scheme that forces her to choose between a promising future and his stolen kiss.

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The Turncoat’s Gambit by Andrea Cremer
The Turncoat's Gambit
On the run after a reunion with her mother goes terribly wrong, Charlotte struggles to clarify her goals and gauge the loyalty of her compatriots, in
the action-packed conclusion to the alternate-universe steampunk trilogy. Inventor’s Secret series No. 3

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Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog
Unnatural Deeds
Not caring about anyone or anything except her equally misfit boyfriend, Victoria is enthralled by a newcomer who has her lying to everyone in an effort to unravel his secrets until a fatal tragedy forces her to reevaluate her choices, in a story augmented by news clippings and police interviews.

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Until I Break by Kara M. Bietz
Until I Break
Having been secretly bullied for years, high school athlete Sam becomes obsessed with stopping the bully when he begins tormenting a girl Sam likes, a situation that culminates in a devastating school shooting. A first novel.

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We Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun & Susan Mullen
We Are Still Tornadoes
Best friends their entire lives, a struggling musician and an academic golden girl, both coming of age in the 1980s, spend a first year apart when one departs for college, a period marked by questions about their respective futures and whether or not they are becoming more than friends.

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You in Five Acts by Una LaMarche
You in Five Acts
A group of friends at a performing arts school train throughout the high-pressure months leading up to a performance that will determine their futures while refl ecting on an unexpected event that has upended everything. By the author of Five Summers.

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