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Along the River by Vanina Starkoff. Trans by Jane Springer
Along the River
A vibrant picture book from Brazil celebrates the joys of travel on the water, depicting on simple yet detailed spreads the people one might meet along the way, the sights that one might pass and the vibrant foods that can be enjoyed.

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Alphabetter by Linda Ragsdale. Illus by Martina Hogan.
The perfect combination of entertaining and enlightening! As a new addition to Linda Ragsdale’s Peace Dragon series, this book features hilarious mashed-up words, such as beyazing (beyond + amazing) and outrastic (outrageous and fantastic), representing each letter A through Z in an effort to
promote originality and positive thinking in young readers.

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Are You A Monkey?: A Tale of Animal Charades by Marine Rivoal
Are You a Monkey
A crocodile sticks his head in the sand and asks his friends to guess which animal he is mimicking. A turn of the page reveals the answer: an ostrich! Next, the ostrich curls her long neck and shoots water from her mouth. Whom is she imitating? An elephant! Readers are a part of the game, wagering guesses before turning the page to find the often unexpected revealed. Painted in a stylish and saturated color palette, this unusual book will engage
children as they consider animal behavior and characteristics.

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Away by Emil Sher. Illus by Qin Leng.
A gentle tale told entirely through sticky notes between a mother and daughter as the girl’s departure for her first summer camp draws near demonstrates how love can be found even in scribbled messages and other unlikely places.

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Be Quiet! by Ryan T. Higgins
Be Quiet!
Wanting to star in a beautiful, wordless picture book more than anything, Rupert the mouse describes to his chattering friends the most visually stimulating, stylishly scenic spreads he can imagine. By the creator of Mother Bruce.

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The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken
The Book of Mistakes
A celebration of the creative process and the inspiration that can be found in mistakes follows the experiences of an artist who incorporates accidental splotches, spots and misshapen things into her art, transforming it in quirky and playful ways.

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Carrot and Pea: An Unlikely Friendship by Morag Hood
Carrot and Pea
A tall, orange carrot and a tiny round green pea forge an unexpected bond while trying to find common ground in spite of their many differences. A first picture book.

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The Cat Book by Silvia Borando
The Cat Book
An interactive story that explains how much our animal pets need us to be healthy and happy features an endearing, pampered orange kitty who wakes up, purrs when petted and requires help to outmaneuver fleas.

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Charlie the Champ by Roger Priddy
Charlie the Champ
A group of competitive safari animals tap their personal strengths, from running and swimming to changing colors and playing hide-and-seek, during a fun-filled Jungle Race Day.

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Curious George Plays Soccer by H. A. Rey
Curious George Plays Soccer
Eagerly joining his friends during a soccer game but not knowing how to play, Curious George enrolls in soccer camp and learns about game rules and
teamwork before getting into mischief that prompts the team to declare him their “Most Valuable Monkey.”

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Daddy’s Girl by Helen Foster James. Illus by Estelle Corke.
Daddy's Girl
Inviting her daddy to a fabulous tea party, a little girl carefully prepares her tea set, toys and accessories and exuberantly plays hostess when the guest of honor arrives.

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The Dog Book by Lorenzo Clerici
The Dog Book
A sleepyhead dog requires help staying healthy and happy in an interactive story that invites young children to scratch his back, call his name to get a barked response, play a game of fetch and more.

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The Dragon Hunters by James Russell. Illus by Link Choi.
The Dragon Hunters
When a creature swoops out of the sky and nabs Flynn and Paddy’s beloved dog, the brothers embark on a daring magical quest to rescue their canine friend from a dragon’s lair. Dragon Brothers No. 1

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Early Sunday Morning by Denene Millner. Illus by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.
Early Sunday Morning
The award-winning co-author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and the creator of Let Freedom Sing present the story of young June, who works diligently through her family’s weekend routine while preparing for a special Sunday morning singing performance with the children’s choir.

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Ella Who? by Linda Ashman. Illus by Sara Sanchez.
Ella Who
When an elephant slips indoors while her family packs on moving day, a little girl tries to bring the unusual guest’s arrival to her busy parents’ attention while experiencing a range of wacky adventures. By the author of The Twelve Days of Christmas in Colorado.

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Ellie in Concert by Mike Wu
Ellie in Concert
Having saved the zoo with her wonderful paintings, Ellie the elephant organizes an animal orchestra to help Lucy the giraffe, who has been unable to sleep because of all the animal noises at the zoo. By the award-winning creator of Ellie.

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Flash the Fish by Paul Kor
Flash the Fish
Traveling with his family as one big group of shiny silver fish, Little Flash examines a big black thing in the water that is revealed to be a lost baby whale, in a story that incorporates shiny foil accents on every spread.

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The Fleatastics by Lisa Desimini
The Fleatastics
Dreaming of having her own act when her family joins a traveling acrobatic troupe on the back of a dog, Serafleana the little flea is disappointed by her less-than-spectacular assignment until the dog’s wild behavior compels Serafleana to save her community.

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Flowers for Sarajevo by John McCutcheon. Illus by Kristy Caldwell.
Flowers for Sarajevo
A young boy discovers the power of beauty and kindness during a period of war in his Sarajevo community that has sent his father to the battlefront, a situation that is eased by a cellist from the Sarajevo Opera Orchestra who positions himself in a mortar crater and plays the most beautiful music the boy has ever heard. Includes a CD in which cellist Vedrun Smailovic accompanies the author — an accomplished instrumentalist, singer and songwriter — performing the melody that Smailovic played in 1992 to honor those who died in the Sarajevo mortar blast.

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Frankie by Mary Sullivan
Two exuberant pups with larger-than-life personalities struggle to get along and share their space when they spar over their toys, beds and preferred territories in their new home. By the Geisel Honor-winning creator of Ball.

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Fruits in Suits by Jared Chapman
Fruits in Suits
An uproarious follow-up to Vegetables in Underwear introduces younger kids to a variety of suits as modeled by fruits, from a banana in a bikini and an orange in business attire to tangerines in trunks and grapes in goggles.

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Georgie’s Best Bad Day by Ruth Chan
Georgie’s Best Bad Day
The adorable crew from Where’s the Party? reunites on a day when Georgie, having woken in a grumpy mood, endeavors to brighten things up by organizing fun food activities that go disastrously wrong.

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The Giant Jumpereestrong> by Julia Donaldson. Illus by Helen Oxenbury.
The Giant Jumperee
The awardwinning author of The Gruffalo and the award-winning illustrator of Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes present a jaunty animal fable involving a mysterious creature who nearly scares away an entire community of animals.

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The Hole Story by Paul Bright. Illus by Bruce Ingman.
The Hole Story
Chased out of the cheese where they live, happy holes Hamish and Hermione search for a new home, inadvertently wreaking havoc when nobody wants holes in the underwear, bike tire or boat that the duo damage along the way. Illustrated by the award-winning artist of When Martha’s Away.

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A Horse Named Steve by Kelly Collier
A Horse Named Steve
A horse that wants to be exceptional finds a beautiful golden horn in the forest that he ties to his head and shows off to his friends, who respond with varying degrees of admiration.

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How to Find a Friend by Maria S. Costa
How to Find a Friend
A lighthearted celebration of friendship features bold, graphically striking illustrations of a lonely rabbit and squirrel who keep missing one another in their respective efforts to find a friend.

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Ice Boy by David Ezra Stein
Ice Boy
A little ice cube tires of a life spent helping others cool their drinks before venturing out under the sun and heading to the beach, where his edges begin to blur. By the Caldecott Honor-winning creator of Interrupting Chicken.

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If I Were a Kangaroo by Mylisa Larsen. Illus by Anna Raff.
If I Were a Kangaroo
A parent narrator lyrically imagines how he or she would care for a beloved child if they were different kinds of animals settling down for sleep at night, from rocking kangaroos with joeys tucked into pouches, to a family of bats  hanging upside down, to a parent otter floating with a baby on its stomach.

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If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy’s Love Song by Luke Reynolds. Illus by Jeff Mack.
If My Love Were a Fire Truck
A father’s love for his son is imaginatively compared to the zooming of a racing car, a rocket ship’s blast-off space mission, a giant whale splashing in the ocean and colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky. By the author of The Looney Experiment.

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Jamal’s Journey by Michael Foreman
Jamal's Journey
A little camel walks and walks through the hot desert before accidentally becoming separated from his human boy and receiving the help of a wise falcon, in a story that also describes their shared journey through the exciting sights and sounds of the city.

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Keep Rolling! by Eric Litwin. Illus by Scott Magoon.
Keep Rolling!
A roll down a muddy hill becomes a hilarious chase for Hazel Nut and Wally Nut, who get covered in so much mud that they become as big as elephants. By the co-author of the Pete the Cat series. Nuts No. 3

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Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges. Illus by Al Murphy.
Kitchen Disco
A zany rhyming picture book featuring an assortment of partying fruits finds break-dancing lemons, twirling tangerines, excited apples, a banana DJ and other be-bopping members of the fruit bowl organizing a fun disco in a late-night kitchen. A first picture book.

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The Last Tree by Ingrid Chabbert. Illus by Raul Nieto Guridi.
The Last Tree
Longing to play in the grass the way his father did during his own childhood, a small boy from a concrete city discovers a sapling growing behind a low wall and works with his friend to replant the tree in a safe place to protect it from a development project.

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The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt. Illus by Adam Rex.
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
The award-winning author of The Day the Crayons Quit and the bestselling illustrator of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich present a laugh-out-loud tribute to the fictional warriors who invented a classic childhood game.

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A Letter to My Teacher by Deborah Hopkinson. Illus by Nancy Carpenter.
A Letter to My Teacher
Written as a thank-you note to a special teacher from a student who never forgot her, a lighthearted and touching picture book describes how a little girl who prefers playing and running becomes inspired to listen and learn.

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Little Frog and the Spring Polliwogs by Jane Yolen. Illus by Ellen Shi.
Little Frog and the Spring Polliwogs
The feisty heroine of Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing resolves to stay ahead of her troublesome polliwog siblings and cousins until a group of
net-wielding little boys compel her to save her family.

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Little Red Rolls Away by Linda Whalen. Illus by Jennifer E. Morris.
Little Red Rolls Away
Traversing the countryside, city streets and a major river, a little red barn is relocated to a new home in a surprising location, where old friends and new ones await his arrival, in a reassuring story for young readers facing changes in their own lives.

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Magic Spell by Julie Paschkis
Magic Spell
A lighthearted wordplay story by the award-winning illustrator of Apple Cake: A Love Story features a great magician and his trusty assistant, who transform words by replacing their first letters.

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Milo and Georgie by Bree Galbraith. Illus by Josée Bisaillon.
Milo and Georgie
Resolving to never have fun again when his family moves to a new city, young Milo watches his little sister explore their new neighborhood before reluctantly venturing out himself to see what he has been missing. By the author of Once Upon a Balloon.

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Moby Dick by Philip Edwards, adapt. Illus by Adam Horsepool.
Moby Dick
Come along on an unforgettable journey across the ocean in this seaworthy retelling of the classic tale about a whaling ship, its formidable captain, and his relentless search for the great white whale of legend. The classic tale of Moby Dick is retold in this exciting new addition to the 10 Minute Classics series.

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Moo Moo in a Tutu by Tim Miller
Moo Moo in a Tutu
When Moo Moo the adventurous cow decides to become the world’s most famous ballerina, her loyal duck best friend, Mr. Quackers, tries to be supportive in spite of Moo Moo’s less-thangraceful dancing skills.

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Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip by Marianne Dubuc
Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip
A playful follow-up to Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds traces a family vacation for Mr. Postmouse, who embarks on a round-the-world tour by hot-air balloon,
cruise ship, camel and other transportation methods, making deliveries along the way. By the award-winning creator of In Front of My House.

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My Kicks: A Sneaker Story! by Susan Verde. Illus by Katie Kath.
My Kicks!
A growing boy reminisces about his favorite pair of sneakers and how he enjoyed activities ranging from painting to skateboarding while wearing them until they became too small and worn out. By the author of I Am Yoga.

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Night, Night, Groot by Brendan Deneen. Illus by Cale Atkinson.
Night Night Groot
Preparing for bed and settling down to sleep, baby Groot is interrupted by his friend, Rocket Raccoon, who requires Groot’s help defending the galaxy before bedtime.

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No Tooting at Tea by Alastair Heim. Illus by Sara Not.
No Tooting at Tea
Three young siblings clash over respective differences about following rules and having fun during a would-be-fancy tea party where gender expectations and an inclination to be disruptive trigger side-tickling disputes. By the author of Love You Too.

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Old MacDonald’s Things That Go by Jane Clarke. Illus by Migy Blanco.
Old MacDonald's Things That Go
Old MacDonald and his farm animal friends introduce the numerous vehicles that are also on the farm, from bicycles and tractors to buses, boats and
airplanes. By the author of Who Woke the Baby?

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Olivia the Spy by Ian Falconer
Olivia the Spy
Eavesdropping on her mom’s conversations in the hope of learning the secret plans for her birthday, Olivia overhears her mother expressing discouraged feelings about her less-than-ideal behavior and becomes paranoid that she is soon to be shipped off to military school.

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On Duck Pond by Jane Yolen. Illus by Bob Marstall.
On Duck Pond
A continuation of the story that began in On Bird Hill finds the young boy and his dog on a serene pond that erupts in a cacophony of bird, frog and turtle activity. By the Caldecott Medal-winning author of Owl Moon. On Bird Hill and Beyond No. 2

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Pandora by Victoria Turnbull
Forging a handsome home for herself in a world filled with broken things, young Pandora nurses a bird with a broken wing and becomes terribly lonely when the bird eventually flies away, until the seeds it collected begin to grow. By the award-winning author of The Sea Tiger.

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Pass It On by Sophy Henn
Pass It On
The creator of Where Bear? presents a lively ode to the power of spreading joy and smiles, describing how happiness can be shared with others even on the rainiest days.

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Peek-a-Boo You! by Jane Cabrera
Peek-a-Boo You
Very young children are invited to join a game of peek-a-boo with a curious Kitty, who peeks through cut-out holes to watch a little girl trying on shoes, eating cookies and holding her baby brother, in an interactive story that culminates in a mylar mirror on the final spread.

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Peek-a-Boo Zoo! by Jane Cabrera
Peek-a-Boo Zoo!
A curious Lemur embarks on an adorable game of peek-a-boo with the other animals in the zoo, who are revealed through die-cut pages that lead up to a final spread depicting an entire menagerie of animals.

Reserve a copy of Peek-a-Boo Zoo!

Phoebe Sounds It Out by Julie Zwillich. Illus by Denise Holmes.
Phoebe Sounds It Out
Struggling to learn to write her name in spite of its less-intuitive spelling, kindergartener Phoebe works beside her classmates trying to learn letters and their sounds while discovering that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

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Plankton Is Pushy by Jonanthan Fenske
Plankton Is Pushy
When Mussel does not return his greeting, Plankton tries everything he can think of to get Mussel to talk until his increasingly pushy attempts result in Mussel finally opening his mouth and issuing quite a surprise. By the Geisel Honor-winning creator of Barnacle Is Bored.

Reserve a copy of Plankton Is Pushy

Please Please the Bees by Gerald Kelley
Please Please the Bees
Benedict has a pretty sweet life for a bear. Every morning the bees leave a jar of honey on his doorstep, and every day he has honey for breakfast and honey in his tea. It’s an important part of his day. But all that changes when the bees go on strike. Now it’s up to Benedict to listen to the bees, and he realizes there’s a lot more he could be doing to help them. So he fixes up the hive and learns to be a better beekeeper. Will the bees be pleased?

Reserve a copy of Please Please the Bees

Poor Louie by Tony Fucile
Poor Louie
Loving life with his human parents, a devoted little dog becomes alarmed when his routine changes and double sets of new furniture and clothing begin showing up in his home as his mom’s tummy gets bafflingly larger. By the illustrator of the Bink and Gollie series.

Reserve a copy of Poor Louie

Poppy Louise Is Not Afraid of Anything by Jenna McCarthy. Illus by Molly Idle.
Poppy Louise Is Not Afraid of Anything
Thinking vampires are cute and mummies are funny, Poppy Louise Littleton wishes for a pet tarantula while her sister, Petunia, resolves to discover if Poppy is afraid of anything. Illustrated by the Caldecott Honor-winning artist of Flora and the Flamingo.

Reserve a copy of Poppy Louise Is Not Afraid of Anything

The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far From Home by Deborah Diesen. Illus by Dan Hanna.
The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far From Home
Forgetting his favorite toy at home when he departs on a first vacation, Mr. Fish explores new places and meets new friends while learning that a few bumps along the way are all part of the journey and that love travels with him wherever he goes.

Reserve a copy of The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far From Home

Princess and the Peas by Rachel Himes
Princess and the Peas
An empowering adaptation of “The Princess and the Pea” depicts talented cook Ma Sally, who navigates her son’s efforts to find a wife in Charleston County by insisting his bride be able to cook as well as she before meeting a young woman who wants to get to know the young man before committing. A first children’s book.

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Puppy, Puppy, Puppy by Julie Sternberg. Illus by Fred Koehler.
Puppy, Puppy, Puppy
Sharing everything from the moment they wake until when they go to sleep, inseparable best friends Baby and Puppy even find ways to stay near each other during nap time, in an endearing story that combines sweet, spare text with humorous illustrations.

Reserve a copy of Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper
The Ring Bearer
An endearingly illustrated celebration of blended families finds little Jackson diligently preparing for his role as ringbearer at his mother’s wedding while looking out for his new stepsister, who is struggling with her duties as flower girl.

Reserve a copy of The Ring Bearer

Rulers of the Playground by Joseph Kuefler
Rulers of the Playground
Declaring himself the ruler of the playground, young Jonah receives everyone’s promise to obey his rules except Lennox, who aspires to rule the playground herself, triggering a deadpan rivalry of playground politics. By the creator of Beyond the Pond.

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Sea Monkey & Bob by Aaron Reynolds. Illus by Debbie Ridpath Ohi.
Sea Monkey & Bob
Bob the puffer fish and his best buddy, Sea Monkey, tackle their dual fears that Bob will fl oat to the surface while Sea Monkey sinks to the sea bottom, a perplexing dilemma that threatens to separate them from each other. By the Caldecott Honor-winning author of Creepy Carrots!

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Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley. Illus by Tracy Subisak.
Shawn Loves Sharks
Loving sharks more than anything in the world, Shawn is disappointed when he is assigned a different kind of marine animal to learn about for a school project while his nemesis, Stacy, is assigned the shark subject he adores.

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The Sheep Who Hatched an Egg by Gemma Merino
The Sheep Who Hatched an Egg
Lola is mortified when her once-pretty wool grows back ugly and tangled after a shearing, but when a lost baby bird uses her head for a nest, Lola realizes that she doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect in order to be a friend… or to be extraordinary!

Reserve a copy of The Sheep Who Hatched an Egg

Shine! by Patrick McDonnell. Illus by Naoko Stoop.
A giftappropriate celebration of the wonders that can be found in the world and within individuals depicts a shining starfish who wishes to join the brilliant stars in the sky before discovering the beauty of her underwater home. By the Caldecott Honor-winning author of The Monsters’ Monster.

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Smell My Elephant by Tina Ballon DeBord. Illus by Kim Jackson DeBord.
Smell My Elephant
Knowing that his stuffed elephant always smells like the places they have been together, young Fletcher is unable to recognize the scent on his elephant one morning and asks his family to help him discover its source, in an endearing tribute to the bond between young children and their favorite toys.

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Stop Feedin’ Da Boids! by James Sage. Illus by Pierre Pratt.
Stop Feedin' Da Boids!
Missing the wildlife in her former home in the country, Brooklyn newcomer Swanda becomes enamored of the flocking pigeons near her apartment and receives confusing advice from a pest control officer, a zookeeper and an exotic bird fancier when her attempts to feed the pigeons cause chaos.

Reserve a copy of Stop Feedin’ Da Boids!

Take Your Time: A Tale of Harriet, the Galápagos Tortoise by Eva Furrow & Donna Jo Napoli. Illus by Laurel Molk.
Take Your Time
A tortoise from the Galápagos Islands embarks on a journey to a neighboring island, parading with penguins and riding with dolphins before returning to her slow-and-steady preferred means of travel. By the authors of Bobby the Bold.

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The Tooth Fairy and the Royal Visit by Peter Bently. Illus by Garry Parsons.
The Tooth Fairy and the Royal Visit
When the prince of the royal family loses his fi rst tooth, Will the Tooth Fairy struggles to find the royal youngster’s bedroom in the enormous palace while helping search for another set of important teeth that have gone missing. By the creators of The Tooth Fairy’s Christmas.

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Town Is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz. Illus by Sydney Smith.
Town Is By the Sea
A young boy begins a poignant summer day marked by the sounds of the sea, a visit to his grandfather’s grave and a simple family meal while he reflects on his father’s work digging for coal deep beneath the ocean. Illustrated by the award-winning artist of Sidewalk Flowers.

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The Treasure Box by Margaret Wild. Illus by Freya Blackwood.
The Treasure Box
A moving and hopeful tribute to the resiliency of the human spirit when war forces people to flee their homes traces the story of young refugee Peter, who carries a cherished family possession throughout a difficult period of survival before reflecting on its importance years later.

Reserve a copy of The Treasure Box

Troll Stinks by Jeanne Willis. Illus by Tony Ross.
Troll Stinks
Two billy goats discover the perils of making assumptions and acting on prejudice in a timely tale about online bullying. By the author of Upside Down Babies and the illustrator of the Little Princess series.

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Vampirina at the Beach by Anne Marie Pace. Illus by LeUyen Pham.
Vampirina at the Beach
Gearing up for a festive time at the beach with her clan, Vampirina practices ballet moves that help her stay balanced and graceful while surfing, playing volleyball and enjoying other activities. Illustrated by the best-selling artist of God’s Dream.

Reserve a copy of Vampirina at the Beach

The Way Home in the Night by Akiko Miyakoshi
The Way Home
A tribute to the near-magical wonder a child feels at being outside at night follows the experiences of a young rabbit who is carried home by her mother through the streets of their urban community, observing sights, sounds and smells while considering the activities of their neighbors. By the award-winning creator of The Storm.

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Way Past Bedtime by Tara Lazar. Illus by Rich Wake.
Way Past Bedtime
Little Joseph stays up way past bedtime and turns into a super-sleuth as he tries to solve the mystery of what happens after all the lights go out, imagining missed opportunities for fun ranging from big parties and hot-fudge mountains to exotic animals and ninja task-force missions.

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Who Broke the Vase? by Jeffrey Turner
Who Broke the Vase?
When a little dog accidentally breaks a vase, he spins wildly incremental fi bs about other animal culprits while his family endeavors to learn the truth.

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Wonderful You: An Adoption Story by Lauren McLaughlin. Illus by Meilo So.
Wonderful You
A lyrical and compassionate adoption story tenderly depicts a baby’s transition from the care of her birth mother to that of her adoptive parents, helping to create a loving new family.

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