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Almost an Outlaw by Molly B. Burnham. Illus by Trevor Spencer.
Almost an Outlaw
A conclusion to the series that began with the award-winning Teddy Mars: Almost a World Record Breaker finds rambunctious Teddy confronting life as a rule breaker when his strict great-aunt promotes rules that threaten the neighborhood pigeons. Teddy Mars series No. 3

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Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan. Illus by Abigail Dela Cruz.
Amina's Voice
A Pakistani-American Muslim girl struggles to stay true to her family’s vibrant culture while simultaneously blending in at school in the wake of a community tragedy. By the award-winning author of Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns.

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Armstrong and Charlie by Steven B. Frank
Armstrong and Charlie
Rivalries and unexpected friendship ensue when two boys — a rules-oriented sixth-grader who struggles with reaching the age his brother died and an embittered rebel who wishes for a brother — are assigned to the same desk at school. By the author of The Pen Commandments

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Army Brats by Daphne Benedis-Grab
Army Brats
Navigating new friends, the local swimming pool and a bully when their family moves to an army base, the Bailey kids investigate rumors that a nearby abandoned building is haunted. By the author of The Angel Tree.

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Bad News by Pseudonymous Bosch
Bad News
A conclusion to the adventure trilogy by the award-winning author of This Isn’t What It Looks Like finds Clay and the Secret Series Allies confronting the white-gloved members of the mysterious Midnight Sun cabal. Bad Magic No. 3

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The Balance of Power by Stan Lee & Stuart Moore. Illus by Andie Tong.
The Balance of Power
When a catastrophe threatens the lives of every Zodiac in the world, 16-year-old Steven Lee is forced to decide how far he will go to protect his fellow superpowered friends. Zodiac Legacy No. 3

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Baseball Genius by Tim Green & Derek Jeter
Baseball Genius
An everyday kid with a talent for predicting baseball pitches is caught stealing baseballs from his favorite New York Yankees player, who agrees not to press charges if the boy will help him recover from a difficult batting slump. Co-written by the author of The Dark Side of the Game. Contract series

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Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel by Kimberly Willis Holt. Illus by Vera Rosenberry.
Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel
Moving in with her estranged grandfather at his run-down motel after the tragic deaths of her parents, 12-year-old Stevie attempts to brighten the lives of the hotel residents by planting a flower garden against her grandfather’s wishes. By the National Book Award-winning author of When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.

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Braced by Alyson Gerber
Looking forward to a promising new school year playing soccer and spending time with her crush, Rachel receives the terrible news that her scoliosis has gotten worse and that she will be required to wear a back brace that sets her apart from her peers and challenges her sense of self.

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Cavern of Secrets by Linda Sue Park. Illus by Jim Madsen.
Cavern of Secrets
Hoping to return home after a winter in the Sudden Mountains so that he can join his parents in the fight against the evil Chancellor, Raffa is challenged to use his apothecary skills while enlisting the help of human and animal friends to survive the treacherous journey. By the Newbery Medal-winning author of A Single Shard. Wing & Claw No. 2

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Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire by Susan Tan. Illus by Dana Wulfekotte.
Cilla Lee-Jenkins
A biracial young writer begins penning her memoirs in the hope that her family will not forget about her when a new baby sibling arrives, describing her  embarrassment at having little hair as a toddler, her struggles with reading and the cultural traditions she shares with her Chinese grandparents. Cilla Lee-Jenkins No. 1

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Defender of the Realm by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler
Defender of the Realm
Fated to become the most disappointing king in the history of Great Britain, Prince Alfie is challenged to assume a secret identity as the nation’s defender and teams up with everyday girl Hayley to end a centuries-long battle involving monsters, villains and dragons.

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Disney at Last by Ridley Pearson
Disney at Last
The Kingdom Keepers struggle with unimaginable, high-stakes choices involving both the past and the future, in a conclusion to the bestselling series. Kingdom Keepers: The Return No. 3

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The Dragon Dance by Lou Kuenzler
The Dragon Dance
Disgracing herself with her clumsiness and unfortunate mistakes while preparing to perform in the exacting Ballet of the Flowers, Grace secretly makes friends with a dragon and wonders how the friendship may further compromise the ballet production. Princess DisGrace series No. 2

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A Dragon’s Guide to Making Perfect Wishes by Laurence Yep & Joanne Ryder. Illus by Mary GrandPré.
A Dragon's Guide to Making Perfect Wishes
Traveling back in time to the 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair, Winnie and Miss Drake meet historic figures and ancestors while investigating a centuries-old mystery surrounding the lost Heart of Kubera necklace. Dragon’s Guide No. 3

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Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull
A debut entry in a spin-off sequel to the Fablehaven series follows the broken alliance between humans and dragons that have come to regard dragon sanctuaries as prisons. Dragonwatch No. 1

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Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question by Martha Freeman
Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question
Reluctantly staying at her aunt and uncle’s farm while her parents are traveling, plucky city girl Effie stumbles across a mystery involving an old family feud and fi nds herself contending with a neighbor’s avoidance, crackpot politics and an eccentric inventor ancestor. By the author of the Secret Cookie Club series.

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Enemy of the Realm by Wesley King
Enemy of the Realm
Marcus and Dree’s efforts to organize a quest to find the storied, magical Egg are challenged by the reluctance of Dracone’s rebels and dragons and the advancing war against Francis’ army of drones. By the award-winning author of The Vindico. Dragons vs. Drones No. 2

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Escape to Australia by James Patterson. Illus by Daniel Griffo.
Escape to Australia
Underdog hero Rafe Khatchadorian ventures into the dangerous wilds of Australia after winning an art competition and encountering the hostility of an unwelcoming host family that forces him to bond to misfi t new friends in order to survive. Middle School series

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Fish Girl by Donna Jo Napoli. Illus by David Wiesner.
Fish Girl
The three-time Caldecott Medalist behind Tuesday and the author of The King of Mulberry Street follows the coming-of-age of a young mermaid who dreams of freedom and independence outside of her boardwalk aquarium.

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Forever, or a Long, Long Time by Caela Carter
Forever, or a Long, Long Time
Having shared so many foster homes that they are unable to trust that the family that has adopted them will last, Flora and her little brother, Julian, are assisted by their new mother on a journey to resolve their past so that they can begin to build a future.

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Forget Me Not by Elliah Terry
Forget Me Not
Struggling to hide her Tourette Syndrome tics after moving to yet another school, Calliope June is quickly seen as different and wonders how she will navigate her mother’s new relationship and a friendship with the class president, who seems to see Calliope as she truly is. A first novel.

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The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi
The Gauntlet
Sucked into a mechanical board game and forced to defeat its diabolical architect in order to free themselves and others trapped with them, 12-year-old Farah and her two best friends receive assistance from a lizard guide and an aeronaut while battling fantastical beasts and solving difficult puzzles.

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Hard Rock by Ginger Rue
Hard Rock
A sequel to Tig Ripley: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel finds the Pandora’s Box girls navigating middle-school drama in the aftermath of their successful commercial appearance, a situation that is complicated by conflicting priorities, an irritating newcomer and an unrequited crush. Tig Ripley series

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Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott
Hear the Wolves
Having trouble maintaining relationships after losing her mother and her hearing in one ear, hunter Sloan panics on a night when she is left alone during a storm and must help an injured neighbor get to a doctor. A first middle-grade novel by the author of the Dante Walker series.

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Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly
Hello, Universe
Two boys and two girls explore respective views about courage and being different in the wake of a prank that traps one of them at the bottom of a well and compels the others to embark on a search-and-rescue mission. By the author of Blackbird Fly.

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In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll
In Darkling Wood
Bundled off to her estranged grandmother’s house, young Alice finds peace and friendship in a beautiful nearby woodland that is filled with secrets and mysteries. By the award-winning author of Frost Hollow Hall.

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Izzy Kline Has Butterflies by Beth Ain
Izzy Kline Has Butterflies
A novel in verse follows the experiences of nervous fourth-grader Izzy, who struggles to make a new friend, manage challenging family dynamics and audition for a starring role in the class play. By the author of the Starring Jules series.

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Jake the Fake Keeps It Real by Craig Robinson & Adam Mansbach. Illus by Keith Knight.
Jake the Fake Keeps It Real
Faking his way into a prestigious music and art academy in spite of his complete lack of musical and artistic skills, jokester Jake endeavors to meet the demands of a composition assignment before he is declared a fraud, in a first entry in a collaboration by three acclaimed comedic artists. Jake the Fake No. 1

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King of the Bench: No Fear! by Steve Moore
King of the Bench: No Fear!
A debut entry in a series by the nationally syndicated cartoonist of In the Bleachers follows the experiences of benchwarmer Steve, who struggles to conquer his fear of getting hit with a baseball before his first year on the school team is ruined. King of the Bench No. 1

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Lord of Monsters by John Claude Bemis
Lord of Monsters
Adjusting to his new life as prester in Princess Lazuli’s Moonlit Court home, Pinocchio is challenged to help the Celestial Brigade save Abaton from a manticore that has escaped from its prison, an effort that challenges his ability to maintain his human form. Out of Abaton series No. 2

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The Lost Staff of Wonders by Raymond Arroyo
The Lost Staff of Wonders
When the storied Staff of Moses vanishes from the local museum, Will Wilder is wrongly accused and must use his supernatural gift to identify the real thief and prevent him from unleashing terrors on the town of Perilous Falls. Will Wilder No. 2

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The Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donoghue. Illus by Caroline Hadilaksono.
The Lotterys Plus One
A self-proclaimed “good girl” from a very large and unruly family gives up her bedroom to make room for an estranged, grumpy grandparent who can no longer care for himself and who does not approve of how the rest of the family lives.

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The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman
The Metropolitans
Meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the day Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, four 13-year-olds help an eccentric curator track down the hidden pages of an ancient book of Arthurian legends that may hold the key to preventing a second attack on American soil. By the award-winning author of The Seduction of Water.

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Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded by Sage Blackwood
Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded
Repeatedly landing in trouble at her finishing school because of her preference for practicing magic instead of manners, Chantel enlists her friends to protect the kingdom when her teacher goes missing along with the city’s protective magic. By the award-winning author of the Jinx trilogy.

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Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies! by Bruce Hale
Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies!
Summoned to investigate strange occurrences in the cafeteria, best friends Carlos and Benny tackle questions about why the lunch staff has turned grumpy, why boys and girls are being served different meals and what is scuttling around the kitchen in an apron.

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My Top Secret Dares & Don’ts by Trudi Trueit
My Top Secret Dares & Don'ts
Twelve-year-old Kestrel must battle the evil twin daughters of a property developer and overcome her own worst fears to prevent the foreclosure of her grandmother’s beloved Vancouver lodge. By the author of The Sister Solution.

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Olga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere by Elise Gravel
Olga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere
Discovering a grumpy, smelly, fussy creature in her garbage can that she names after herself, young Olga befriends and studies the eccentric Olgamus in ways that subtly introduce the scientific method, the practices of Jane Goodall and other scientific concepts. Olga No. 1

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One Good Thing About America by Ruth Freeman. Illus by Kathrin Honesta
One Good Thing About America
Struggling to acclimate to a new home and school after moving from Africa to America and discovering that she is no longer the best English student in her class, young Anais becomes homesick and writes letters to her grandmother that chronicle her gradual adjustment.

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One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale
One Trick Pony
When electricity-stealing aliens arrive on an Earth of the future, Strata, a girl from a family of digital rescuers, teams up with her brother and a beautiful rare robot pony to outmaneuver the invaders and humans who would take advantage of the chaos to become outlaws.

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Outside Shot by Fred Bowen
Outside Shot
A talented eighth-grade basketball player who has become his team’s star shooter struggles through a difficult slump in the wake of a tough new coach’s decree that he is not starter material.

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The Pants Project by Cat Clarke
The Pants Project
A transgender teen who knows he is meant to be a boy struggles with his new private school’s strict dress code that requires him to wear a skirt, a ruling that prompts his campaign to change the school’s policies. By the award-winning author of Undone.

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Payback by Gordon Korman
Fighting for survival after being separated into pairs in the aftermath of a betrayal, the Project Osiris clones search for notorious mob boss Gus Alabaster while tracking down Eli’s elusive DNA donor alongside a surprising new ally. Masterminds No. 3

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Point Guard by Mike Lupica
Point Guard
The bond between Gus and Cassie is tested when Cassie is offered a spot on the boys’ basketball team, a situation that is further complicated by racist beliefs as expressed by a local political candidate and his son, another teammate. By the best-selling author of The Underdogs. Home Team No. 3

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The Princess and the Page by Christina Farley
The Princess and the Page
A girl from a long line of Word Weavers who are hunted for their ability to bring their stories to life discovers her grandmother’s magical pen and enters a fairy-tale contest while wondering if anyone truly lives happily ever after. By the best-selling author of the Gilded series.

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The Princess and the Pearl by E. D. Baker
The Princess and the Pearl
The magic continues in the fun-fi lled and fantastical WideAwake Princess series as Annie and Liam embark on a dangerous quest to find a giant pearl, stolen by a sea witch, that Annie needs to cure her father and uncle after they both fall ill.

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Realm Breaker by Laurie McKay
Realm Breaker
A conclusion the popular trilogy finds Prince Caden tapping the help of his brave companions to prevent their enemies from completing a mysterious four-part spell to overthrow the ruling family in the kingdom of Razzon. Last Dragon Charmer No. 3

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Reformed by Justin Weinberger
Ian, a sweet but hapless nerd in a school full of bullies, bonds with Devon Crawford, an outspoken boy who sometimes goes too far standing up for his friends, but after one of Devon’s pranks goes awry, Ian finds himself shipped off to a bully reform school, where he is confronted by worse threats. A first novel.

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Revenge of the Star Survivors by Michael Merschel
Revenge of the Star Survivors
Crash landing on the inhospitable planet of Festus Middle School, social misfit Clark Sherman is baffled by pop culture fandom, bully dominance and browbeaten teachers before new friendships encourage him to take risks in galaxy-altering ways.

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Secrets & Sequences by Gene Luen Yang. Illus by Mike Holmes.
Secrets & Sequences
Determined to learn the entire history of once-elite Stately Academy, Hopper, Eni and Josh are challenged to outmaneuver creepy Principal Dean, who demands that the team turn over their most powerful robot and an even more threatening coding genius, Professor One-Zero. Secret Coders No. 3

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Snoopy to the Rescue: A Peanuts Collection by Charles M. Schulz
Snoopy to the Rescue
Helping the Peanuts gang through various misadventures, Snoopy continues his standoff with the Red Baron, finds opportunities to kiss a disgusted Lucy on the nose and ventures out in search of the mysterious Lila, in a latest treasury of classic Peanuts comics. Peanuts Kids No. 8

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The Spirit Warrior H. K. Varian
The Spirit Warrior
Worrying that Mack may be under the control of new enemy Sakura Hiyamoto, the First Four ask inexperienced spirit walker Gabriella for help and must support her through additional training to safeguard her from danger. Hidden World of Changers No. 6

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Spring Break Mistake by Allison Gutknecht
Spring Break Mistake
A tween is forced to use her photography skills to track down a missing boy after winning a spring break getaway trip to New York City and banding together with a motley assortment of other contest winners.

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Star Crossed by Barbara Dee
Star Crossed
Star student Mattie is chosen to play Romeo opposite her crush, a newcomer named Gemma, in an eighth-grade production of Romeo and Juliet, a situation that makes her question her orientation about whether she can be attracted to both boys and girls.

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension by Disney
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension
A jampacked guide to wreaking havoc in the style of Star, Marco and the inter-dimensional crew from the Disney Channel’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil is complemented by a double-sided pull-out poster.

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Star Wars: Join the Resistance by Lucas Film Book Group
Join the Resistance
A ragtag group of young Resistance troopers find themselves on the run from the evil First Order in a debut entry of a new Star Wars middle-grade series. Star Wars: Join the Resistance No. 1

Reserve a copy of Join the Resistance

Star Wars: Rogue One Junior Novel by Matt Forbeck
Star Wars: Rogue One Junior Novel
Middle-grade fans are invited to join in the excitement of Rogue One in a junior novelization that retells key events from the latest Star Wars film.

Reserve a copy of Star Wars: Rogue One Junior Novel

Sydney Mackenzie Knocks ‘Em Dead by Cindy Callaghan

Moving to Delaware after her parents inherit a cemetery, California teen and aspiring fi lmmaker Sydney Mackenzie becomes involved in a mystery surrounding the Underground Railroad. By the author of Just Add Magic.

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Team Awkward by Katy Birchall
Team Awkward
Painfully shy Anna searches for a way to distinguish herself only to be humiliated by a video of her at a clumsy moment that goes viral, a situation that compels her to limber up in preparation for sports day at school. It Girl No. 2

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Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge by Kristin L. Gray

Determined to prove that she is responsible enough to care for a pet dog, fourth-grader Vilonia becomes more vigilant about her possessions and chores and helps her mom while reflecting on memories of her recently deceased grandmother. A first novel.

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When My Sister Started Kissing by Helen Frost
When My Sister Started Kissing
A middle-grade novel in verse about two sisters and the summer that changes their lives recounts how while awaiting the arrival of a new baby half-sibling, Claire is expected to cover up for her older sister, who has started noticing boys. By the award-winning author of Keesha’s House.

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Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans
Who Let the Gods Out?
When a constellation of the zodiac crashes down from the sky into a cow patty right in front of him, a boy who wants nothing more than a normal life becomes the unwitting partner of Virgo, a 1,964-year-old girl, in an effort to track down a retired Zeus and the rest of the Olympians in order to capture the evil daemon Thanatos.

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